Virat Kohli Quotes That Will Inspire You Forever

Published:Nov 17, 202319:52
Virat Kohli Quotes That Will Inspire You Forever

An Indian cricketer whose playing style and form is incredible is none other than Virat Kohli. He is the famous Indian cricketer who currently captains the Indian Cricket team. This right-handed top-order batsman is considered to be one of the top batsmen in the world. 

Virat Kohli Birthday: Virat Kohli was born on 5th November 1988 in Uttam Nagar, Delhi into a Punjabi family. His father, Prem Kohli was a criminal lawyer and mother Saroj Kohli is a home-maker. He has two siblings Vikas Kohli and Bhavna Kohli.

Virat Kohli Quotes

Virat Kohli Quotes

“I like people who don’t need everyone to like them.” ― Virat Kohli

“I always dreamt of holding the bat and winning games for India. That was my inspiration to take up cricket.” ― Virat Kohli

“They picture me as someone who is wrong, and eventually that becomes right after a certain point of time.” ― Virat Kohli

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“Never give up. Today is hard tomorrow will be worse. But the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.” ― Virat Kohli

“If you’re true to yourself, you won’t fear anything.” ― Virat Kohli

“I should play and enjoy the game and inspires the next generation.” ― Virat Kohli

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“When you are fit, you feel as if you can do anything.” ― Virat Kohli

“No cricket team in the world depends on one or two players. The team always plays to win.” ― Virat Kohli

“In the game of cricket, a hero is a person who respects the game and does not corrupt the game.” ― Virat Kohli

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“I am a guy who likes to play with intensity. Once that is gone, I don’t know what I am going to do on the field.” ― Virat Kohli

“The bat is not a toy, it’s a weapon.” ― Virat Kohli

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“People from North India are generally known to be aggressive and emotional.” ― Virat Kohli

“If you can stay positive in a negative situation you win.” ― Virat Kohli

“Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success.” ― Virat Kohli

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