Happy World Vasectomy Day (2024) Theme, Quotes, Wishes, Greetings to Share

Published:Nov 17, 202322:39
Updated on:Dec 26, 2023
Happy World Vasectomy Day (2024) Theme, Quotes, Wishes, Greetings to Share
Happy World Vasectomy Day

Happy World Vasectomy Day (2024) Theme, Quotes, Wishes, Greetings to Share : Every year World Vasectomy Day is celebrated on Third Friday of November to promote the a effective contraceptive procedure that is operated in male sexual organ. It also spreads awareness about the unwanted pregnancies. Vasectomy is a medical process in which sperms getting in to a men's semen are stopped permanently. It is the safe, and effective process to control unwanted pregnancies and also a option of sex. First time this honorable day was observed in 2012, when 30 plus countries has planned the family planning and sexual health movement. WVD day was founded by the famous film maker Jonathan Stack who was filmed the whole process about the vasectomy process in her documentary and purpose of celebrate this day was to educate people about the simple way of vasectomy. After it in 2013 this significant day also observed in Australia by the famous society Royal Institution of Australia (RiAus). Here are some key points about the World Vasectomy Day-

  • Event Name- World Vasectomy Day
  • Type- Health, Awareness
  • Observe date- 3rd Friday of November
  • Frequency- Annual
  • Motive- Educate people about the safe effect of Vasectomy and stop unwanted pregnancies.
  • First observation- 2013
  • Father of day- Jonathan Stack

So friends, today is World Vasectomy Day and here is History, Significance, Greetings, Posters, Theme, Quotes, Wishes of the day that you can share with your friends and family also.

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World Vasectomy Day Quotes

"It is the safest process to stop unwanted pregnancies, that is effective initiative to control child birth rate. Let's celebrate this energetic day with full of hope. "

"Vasectomy is a decision that needs to be mutually taken. Do not keep the onus on yourself because emotions are attached to the juices you hold. It is the future of the family "

"Abortion isn’t good practice but vasectomy is truly the solution here. Go for it now "

"After a certain age, members in the family shouldn’t be increased and for the same reason vasectomy is just the way out "

"Vasectomies is are completely safe and doesn't affect your harmonies and sex intercourse, adopt it and control population. "

"The best effective process of vasectomy is totally safe and painless procedure, let's aware people about this wonderful day on the World Vasectomy Day 2022."

"It is not reversible way, but it is the permanent way to stop the unwanted pregnancies. Happy World Vasectomy Day 2022."

"Act responsibly and enjoy without any barriers and worries! Go for vasectomy today "

"When vasectomy happened to a guy, he was sad after doing it. However, with time he realized the perks of it and was happier than ever before"

"Regretting is a bad habit and this is why vasectomy is the new cool! Act now to reject any regrets later"

"Life has its own rules and the body has its own needs. Don’t defy the needs and get rid of the seeds! Happy world vasectomy day"

"Don’t let the consequences deny you the pleasure of love! Get vasectomy done today"

"Trust me, nothing feels better than your own skin! Avoid rubber and embrace vasectomy"

"Once done, you cannot reverse the process of vasectomy. Plan for it rather than jumping on it "

Vasectomy means totally free, no sorry, no worry, it is totally mind free.

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Vasectomy Benefits and Facts

  • It is effective process to control the child birth but it is also a permanent solution, once it's done then it is not reversible.
  • There are many blind faiths like as that it decreases sex enjoy but these types of all is myths.
  • Vasectomy is fully hygiene process, during the surgery it may be rare chance that you trapped in infection otherwise don't appear any adverse effect of surgery.
  • The sad back of this process it is, that it is not reversible.... so make sure before surgery that you have almost done it.
  • A vasectomy is the beneficial painless process that is hygiene and totally safe for one's health.


On which date World Vasectomy Day is observed ?

3rd Friday of November.

What is concern about Vasectomy ?

The whole process about vasectomy does not reverse, once a person done then he is permanent stopped the ejection of sperms.

What is cost of Vasectomy ?

The average cost of a vasectomy is between R16 000 to R20 000.

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