Top Love Quotes: Messages by Famous Philosopher William Shakespeare, Aristotle, Osho

Published:Nov 17, 202319:57
Top Love Quotes: Messages by Famous Philosopher William Shakespeare, Aristotle, Osho
Top Love Quotes

Top Love, Quotes, Wishes, Messages by Famous Philosopher William Shakespeare, Aristotle, Osho : Love, it is the most beautiful word in the world that defines any relation amongst people. Love emphasizes on positive emotional senses and also on the interpersonal affection. According to science love can be defined whenever a person falls with a person, thing, equipment's, however it's may be living and non living also. A attachment that generates towards anything in human mind explains the definition of love. If a person has dense emotional attachment and attraction for something, symbolizes the love. According to human behavior it may be positive and negative which totally depends on two minds emotions because each person have different mind thoughts with each other. There are many side facts that also create during the process of love like as kindness, compassion, affection and loyalty etc. According to scientific research it is the phase when Adrenaline Harmon release in excess in human mind. So friends here is the Top Love, Quotes, Wishes, Messages by Famous Philosopher William Shakespeare, Aristotle, Osho that you can share with your close lover's.

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Top Love Quotes by William Shakespeare

People born with love, some people love live with great love feelings, every person love someone in his whole life cycle.

Happiness, angry, rage, compassion, affection all combination occur when a person falls in the love of some girls.

Whenever a person pass with the love journey, he want to give her female lover everything that he has, on one condition that she will live with him forever.

It is the dense deep feelings of broken hearts that changes a person's life forever.

Only a lover knows how he suffers during love, it can not be seen by eyes, it can't be heard by ears, it only feels with heart.

Top Five Aristotle's Love Quotes, Messages, Wishes

  • Essence of the love is totally sacrifice for her, if you truly love someone.
  • World's most beautiful and worst thing only love in which a person breaks himself and also breaks world record also.
  • You can't do anything without love, this is the universal power that can reformate the world. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor."
  • The roots of love may be sweeter always but fruits of love always bitter.
  • The energy of love, affection and compassion is the essence of love.

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Love Messages by Osho

There are too much difference between love and lust, love occurs for respect, dignity, and bliss towards someone.

Everyone is incomplete with accompany other's company, it is the beautiful combination when human beings falls in love and then real drama of life starts.

Love is play where people role as player they come on earth, plays with each other and finally die finally, during this whole cycle all life exits.

People realize that they can love only when they find a worthy partner—nonsense! A person will never find one.

Love is not bad thing but it may be momentary, for some years or whole life, it depends only relation between two lover's.

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