Tips to Buy the Best Window AC 1.5 Ton

Published:Nov 17, 202309:41
Tips to Buy the Best Window AC 1.5 Ton

Homes in India usually have medium-sized to smaller rooms. Thus most Indian people are always looking for the best window AC 1.5 ton to cool their space efficiently. A high-quality 1.5-ton to 2 ton AC can rapidly cool down an area and maintain that temperature in any season. Due to immense heat waves, it has become impossible to survive the summers of India these days without an air conditioner. 

1.5-ton ACs are the most preferred unit because of their compact size, versatility, and affordability. The best window AC 1.5 ton is easy to install than the split ACs since they do not need any extra indoor unit or ductwork installation. 

Tips to check before purchasing the best window AC 1.5 ton

Always consider the following tips before buying a 1.5 or 2 ton AC.

  • Star ratings

Star ratings are one of the most vital factors when buying an air conditioner. Recently the system for star ratings has been revised by ISEER. All the air conditioners with 3.5 stars or high ratings are considered 5 stars. This rating system will remain valid till December 2024. A star rating indicates the total electricity the machine will consume monthly. The more the star rating, the lower will be the energy bill. 

  • Warranty

Most models of best window AC 1.5 ton include 1 year of comprehensive warranty and 5 years compressor warranty. But during this period, other spare parts of the AC can also get damaged. Thus, you should also buy an extended package for the warranty period so that you do not have to buy any part out of your pocket if it does not function properly. 

  • Charges for installation

Renowned brands of 2 ton AC usually charge nearly 1500 to 1800 INR for the installation. The fees vary according to the AC unit (split or window) they will install.

What is the perfect room size for the best window AC 1.5 ton?

The best window AC 1.5 ton can cool down a room size of about 500 to 600 square feet. However, the cooling capacity depends on different aspects, like the room insulation level and the area's climate. If you are still unsure about your room size or the perfect AC capacity according to your space, we recommend consulting an HVAC professional. They are the best person to determine the best AC according to your space. The price of a 1.5-ton AC varies between 30000 to 50000 INR. 


Which unit is better: split or window?

A split air conditioner includes a higher cooling power compared to window ACs. Window ACs vary from 0.75 to 2.5 tons, while split ACs, on the other hand, have a range of 0.8 to 3 tons. Thus if you have small to medium-sized rooms, window AC is ideal for the room. But split AC is the only option for medium to large rooms to keep the area cool. Split ACs produce lower noise levels (35 dB) than window ACs, which produce an average of 55 dB. 

What is the electricity consumption of 1.5-ton window ACs?

The electricity consumption of a 1.5-ton window AC can vary based on several factors like the unit’s energy efficiency, the climate of the operating area, the set temperature, and the use pattern. However, the best window AC 1.5 ton generally consumes 1.5 to 1.7 KW per hour. You can also lower the electricity consumption by buying a 5-star AC. These units will cool down the room efficiently and swiftly compared to a 3-star rating unit. 


For those searching for an efficient and affordable way to cool the office or their home, the best window AC 1.5 ton are the perfect choice. The windows ACs are comparatively inexpensive and are easier to install, and do not need any major renovations. These are also highly energy efficient and can decrease the electricity bill. With years of warranty, variable fan speeds, and the best cooling system, the 2 ton AC will provide cool air for many years. 

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