3 Ways to Use Your Art to Inspire Others

Published:Nov 17, 202309:30
3 Ways to Use Your Art to Inspire Others
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Throughout the ages, art has been seen as a way to inspire others. In fact, even artists have been said to heaver their own ‘inspirational muses’ that whispered inspiration in their ears as they sat there with brush and paint or clay and tools to begin crafting their art form. It stands to reason that, without inspiration, there would be no art! With that said, if you are looking to inspire others with the same amount of joy and inspiration you have always felt, maybe you are looking at just how you can do that. Maybe it’s time you stepped back to think about where you have personally been inspired lately.

1. Handcrafted Greeting Cards

This is something you can do that would be truly inspirational. Besides your lovely drawings and paintings in your medium of choice, all you need is a good quality printer and perhaps a die cutting machine so that you can print your own inspirational cards. If you don’t have the words to express exactly what that painting is saying, check out sites with famous quotes you could borrow. Whether you want to focus on the passing of a loved one, a newborn baby, a wedding, birthday, or any other special occasion, you can be inspirational with your art. As a side bonus, you might even be able to make a tidy profit off your inspirational, handcrafted greeting cards.

2. Collaboration with Other Artists

When you collaborate with other artists, this is where the fun begins. To start, most artists have their work on artist laptops they carry about so that they can use the onboard camera to capture images and then jot notes with perceptions on how this inspired them to share their work. They can work with other artists by sharing the beginnings of a piece meant to be a mural or a commercial interior wall or an exterior wall, depicting something that brings a community together. It could be a scene from a town’s history or some current event that is unfolding nicely. With a laptop and a list of a few other local artists, you can share the beginnings of a work of art that will also become a part of the town’s heritage, inspiring others now and in years to come.

3. Social Media Memes

While most people have the impression that memes on social media are meant to be humorously sarcastic, that isn’t always the case. Some of the ones that went viral the quickest were heartfelt memes about current events. Many of the memes shared about the unfolding humanitarian crises of the past few years brought about some of the largest donations to those causes in the history of social media. In fact, some of those crises are still unfolding. If you have a particular ‘vision’ of what it means to be living in an age where people suffer as they do, your artistry can help bring about a greater amount of compassion in a world that seems to have gone cold.As you were inspired by your own personal muses, let yourself become a muse for the 21st century. You have been given a gift so let that gift be the inspiration for a hungry world.

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