The Role of Online Casinos in Promoting Socially Responsible Gaming

Published:Nov 17, 202312:42
The Role of Online Casinos in Promoting Socially Responsible Gaming
India’s Local Online Casinos

Online gambling has become quite popular in all parts of the world, especially in the post-Covid period. People have spent a bit more time at home and realized gambling could be an activity that makes their free time more entertaining. 

The purpose of gambling really is to have fun from time to time. Unfortunately, not all people have the same attitude toward online casinos. A certain part of the “gambling community” considers the iGaming industry in general as a source of income. On the other hand, some people even stop thinking about the losses they experience. They get addicted to casino games and their ability to boost their sense of adrenaline.  

Gambling addiction is usually the result of personal dissatisfaction. However, that doesn’t mean the gambling businesses should not do anything to protect players from addiction. The good news is - online casinos really are participating more often in socially responsible gaming. 

India’s Local Online Casinos Are Getting More Responsible

When people look for casinos, they should always register for those that offer different responsible gambling schemes. Many socially responsible online casinos in India are investing a lot of effort to protect players from the “side effects” that online gambling can cause. It is not in their interest to produce an army of people that need professional help. We will explain later how they do that. 

But the protection of players isn’t the only reason why they are doing that. They also want to improve their reputation that way. We do not want to say this is just a marketing trick. Many gambling operators truly care about players and only want to provide them the opportunity to have fun (with profit in mind, of course). 

Players are not the only ones who will respect that. With responsible gambling in mind, they will also have the opportunity to get certain licenses and certificates. These achievements are issued by international or local regulatory bodies and commissions. Some of them won’t even give approval for work if the casino does not promote socially responsible gambling which is a legit request. 

How do Online Casinos Promote Responsible Gambling?

We do not want to say that the influence of online casinos on players is extremely strong. If you plan to enter the gambling industry and play games, you must have a high dose of self-discipline. But that doesn’t mean they have the right to say “this is not our fault”. 

Gambling businesses that operate online use different tactics to promote responsible gaming. Because of that, we would like to highlight some of them and help you understand how responsible gambling functions. Let’s go!

Self-Exclusion Scheme

The favorite tactic these businesses use is the self-exclusion scheme. As the name suggests, people will get the opportunity to self-exclude themselves from the gambling casino at any moment. How long the self-exclusion scheme will last depends on the personal choice of the customer as well as the offer of the casino. Based on our research, the period can last from six months to a couple of years. 

So, what does the self-exclusion scheme include? If you subscribe to this service, that means you won’t manage to register or log in to one of a group of casinos with your ID. Also, your IP address will be blocked. We want to highlight that there is no way to cancel the subscription. Most people want to speed up the process and find people or companies offering such a service. But, we want to inform you that they are all fake and you can easily become a victim of a scam if you decide on this move. 

Spending Limits

You will also find casino sites that will allow players to limit their spending. How many times did it happen that you spent more money than you planned? Some people get impressed by casino games or become nervous when they lose money. By the way, chasing losses is the worst thing you can do. When you are in that mood, you often spend more than you can afford without noticing. This is the first sign that you are dealing with addiction. 

Anyway, you will get the chance to either limit your deposits or spend for a certain period. Casinos often ensure weekly or monthly spending, but there are also gambling operators that will allow you to make those limits daily. 

That option is incredible, but it won’t mean anything if you do not calculate how much money you can afford to spend before that. Spending the last penny on gambling is the worst thing you could do. Because of that, calculate how high your monthly costs are, and do not forget to separate a certain part of the money for unexpected costs. Adequate money management is one of the ways to protect yourself from gambling addiction. 

Collaboration with Adequate Institutions

People often get afraid when they hear the phrase “mental health institutions”. But there is nothing scary or strange about them. People who deal with addiction also have to visit them to solve their problems. Taking care of our mental health regularly is a formula for a happy life.

Casino operators understand that they can’t control the mind and habits of every single individual. Even if they invest a lot of money and time in responsible gaming, they won’t change every individual's mindset. That is the reason why they often collaborate with institutions that help people with gambling addiction. 

You will often see the logos of these institutes in the footer of the casino. Next to their logo, there will be more details about the institutions such as their address, phone number, etc. Many of them will have a free call center that you can contact and ask for help in case you get stuck with addiction. You don’t have to call them for yourself; these institutes will also help you in case someone close to you deals with gambling addiction. 


The role of online casinos in socially responsible gaming is crucial. The most professional ones will do whatever it takes to promote such an initiative. As you can read in this article, they are using different methods to achieve their goal. But, remember one thing! Even if you gamble at the best online casinos in the world, many things depend on you. Make a good plan, remain self-disciplined, and never consider gambling as a source of income. Casino games are there to make your free time more entertaining. 

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