The Best Hiking Areas Around Calgary

Published:Nov 17, 202309:31
The Best Hiking Areas Around Calgary

Calgary, Alberta is a monotonous city with beautiful sights that you are sure to never get sick of. Many of the locals enjoy skiing, hiking, and attending the Calgary Stampede every year. There are trails for all levels of explorers. Let’s discover some of the best places to wander about in this part of the Rocky Mountains.

Weaselhead Flats

This iconic park was formed in the 1980s and hosts cross-country skiers and hikers alike. Located at the mouth of the Elbow River, it is home to an array of wildlife. The area is considered a delta and is the habitat for Tundra Swans and both Red and White Crossbills. Additionally, this area is home to White Spruce, Balsam Poplar, and Trembling Aspen.

Several trails are easy enough for the whole family. In particular, there is a looped 3-mile trail that is paved and is one of the main paths, known to the locals as the “trunk”. A great thing about this is that there are plenty of other connecting trails you can take if you are looking for something a little more challenging or adventurous.

If you are looking at Calgary homes for sale, this area will probably become one of your regularly visited parks. In addition to hiking, there are water sports to enjoy as well. Enjoy recreational paddling or boating on the Elbow River. Many folks enjoy a good float down the river in the summertime, just be sure to bring your sunscreen.

Grotto Canyon

This popular trail is a favorite of bird watchers, snowshoers, and wildlife enthusiasts. While exploring this area you will find vast trenches, huge mountain peaks, and endless caves and waterfalls. This trail is about an hour from Calgary, but well worth the trip. It can seem daunting when you see photos, but you will be happy you visited these winding and narrow paths.

This can be a challenging trail for youngsters as some slick boulders need to be climbed. You will find rock climbers scaling the sides of the rock walls. And once you reach the waterfalls, you can see ancient pictographs left by the Hopi Native Americans.

The only way to access the Canyon is by foot. Make sure you wear appropriate hiking boots, the trail is quite rocky. The views are the best part of the whole experience. Many locals make this hike and bring a snack to have when they reach the falls. This trail can be experienced year-round and is well-marked.

Silver Spring Boardwalk

Another awesome choice for family hiking is the Silver Spring Boardwalk. Some trails spill out from the main boardwalk with breathtaking scenery. Many locals visit this spot regularly to walk their dogs or just relax. There is even a paved part of the path that is stroller friendly and it’s also a great place to jog.

This area is full of wildflowers and flowing grassy fields. It’s such a great place to hang out with the family that you’ll be visiting every week! You’ll make excuses to bring your family along for a picnic on Bow Lake.

All of these are great for family outdoor activities. There are tons more trails all over Calgary, but these are some of the most famous. And the trails and parks are only a few of the great things about Calgary, Alberta. There's plenty more to see and eat and do. Living in Calgary is sure to cater to your tastes whatever they may be.

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