Different Tactics Companies Are Using For Recruitment Marketing in 2022

Published:Nov 17, 202309:32
Different Tactics Companies Are Using For Recruitment Marketing in 2022

Recruitment is a large part of getting any company off of the ground floor.  Not only does it mean that your company is able to get the best employees possible: but it also helps ensure they don't leave in the first 90 days.

These are the top trends in 2023 for companies focused on recruitment marketing.  

Getting Playful on Social Media

The largest and most obvious tactic many companies are taking in 2022 is to flood social media as they did in the early 2010s.  It's a good idea to give your company a personality that's both funny and charming without crossing any of the social lines that have been drawn in the sand.  A good reference for this happening in real-time has been Wendy's for the last ten years.  Interacting with quirky fun: employees and future employers recognize and love the social media account and company.

Recruitment Workflow Automation

Recruitment marketing and automation go hand in hand!  Whether you're trying to hire medical professionals or someone who can clean the tables between customers, there are keywords that every application will have.  Recruitment management software can organize applications by the type of person, keywords, education, and other details that might stand out.  This will save you the time of having to hunt through every resume for the information you want and will allow you to focus on more important work.

Clear Salary and Perks in Listings

Salary is a big part of any job: but it's been left off of listings for over a hundred years.  Businesses don't want to show their hands or scare away more skilled professionals with their low pay.  

In 2022, over 60% of job applicants say they’ll skip a listing if it doesn’t have the current salary range listed.  This range should be the top to average you’re willing to pay for whatever task or skill you’re hiring for.  Although this might mean you have to pay more: it will ensure your employees have faith in the company.

Putting a Lot on Employee Referrals

Employees don't want to work with coworkers that they dislike or that they know won't work hard.  Employee referrals ensure that businesses can hire people employees already know and can have faith that workers aren't going to sign off on someone they wouldn't trust the work ethic.

Offering rewards like a bonus after this new employee has worked somewhere for six months is a must to help add pressure to the employees they refer.

Offering More Flexibility Than Ever Before

Flexibility is a must in the hiring world!  One tactic for recruitment marketing is by advertising that the business offers flexible work.  This means the employee can decide to work in person or online and can feel more in control of their workspace.

Although many businesses don't want to let employees work from home out of fear of distraction and lack of need for a supervisor: the numbers say that work from home employees are happier, better rested, and still meeting their work deadlines.  Offering both is a must!  

Companies Are Desperate for Worthy Employees

Whether your company is newer and you want to make the most of the new employees you hire: or you’re an older brand that’s trying to grow, your employees are a vital puzzle piece.  Try some of these trending tactics to make the best employees yours.

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