Stages of Opening a Casino in Poland

Published:Nov 17, 202312:37
Stages of Opening a Casino in Poland
Stages of Opening a Casino in Poland

In Poland, gambling activities are based on wagering agencies, while sports betting is established pretty well, both offline and online. All owners of, as Poles people say, “kasyno online” are subject to the Gaming Act and are required to comply with the Polish licensing requirements and market regulations.

Thanks to this review, you will learn how you can open a gambling agency in Poland. You will find the main steps required for this purpose and a lot of other useful information.

Betting and Gambling in Poland

Making bets is a game, along with change games, card games, and gaming machines; consequently, it is regulated by the Polish Gambling Law. People perform this activity to receive material prices or cash, while the condition is to guess the results. It can be:

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1. Sports activities. It may be animal or human participants – horse races, basketball, etc. The country utilizes a sweepstake system, according to which the prizes` value depends on the total amount of the placed stakes.

2. Virtual events. This one may involve computer-generated events that include competition. In this case, the winning depends on the stake-to-winning ratio. Also, these sorts of events tend to have a prize, the value of which is above five percentage points of the standard winning rate in gambling. Those who arrange this kind of gambling events has to archive the data that contains the outcomes of a certain period.

Private entities are allowed to perform online betting by law in Poland. According to it, investors who open a gambling company are only allowed to run the business if they obtain relevant permits or licenses. It is only possible to arrange the activity within the permit`s scope, for instance, via the internet or in a gambling shop. Wagering companies that proffer betting services online must sustain a platform that will make it possible for people to play and receive bonuses. They must also guarantee that users are safe and secure while being engaged in the activities.

These days, you can even find a company formation agent in Poland that can help you get the permit, allowing you to arrange gambling activities. In addition to that, they can provide you with all the information you need regarding the requirements and laws.

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Things You Need to Do to Establish a Betting Agency in Poland

People who are willing to start a company to engage in casino games have to follow a few essential steps. These steps are common for starting any kind of business in the country, but there is an additional step to get a certain license for this sort of activity.

So, here is what you should do to start a betting company in Poland:

1. You need to select the legal form. Most betting operators opt for the Polish private limited liability company because it makes it possible for the owners to be liable to the invested funds.

2. You should choose a name. Your company needs to obtain a unique business name, which can be checked before moving to the next steps.

3. You should get the documentation ready. The Memorandum and the Articles of Association tend to be drawn up in this phase. They usually include information about the shareholders, the company and its activities, the registered office, the kinds of shares, etc.

4. You need to get your company registered. The registration form, your company documents, and proof that the minimum share capital was paid should be submitted to the National Court Register.

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Regulations and Requirements for Gambling Companies

To receive a special gambling license, you need to send the application to the Ministry of Finance. The application should contain information about the applicant, financial statement, the operation, conditions for the casino games, etc. You need to be ready that you will have to pay a fee when sending this application.

The online casino permit is issued for six years, and it is possible to renew it for six years more. This sort of companies is always subject to the provisions of the anti-money laundering laws; consequently, you will be required to prove that your company complies with these laws when sending the application for the license. The relevant Polish authorities will carry out inspections. In the case of a money laundering conviction issued, the permit can be revoked.

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