Some Ways that Can Help You Stay in Love with Yoga Practice

Published:Nov 17, 202319:32
Some Ways that Can Help You Stay in Love with Yoga Practice

Just as it is with every other thing, the yoga practice also has its ups and downs. A person might love yoga more than anything else in the world and still there is a possibility of waking up on some days with absolutely no motivation being left to start practicing yoga. In addition to this, it is also sometimes possible to avoid the yoga practice since at times it gets difficult to face whatever we are thinking on the inside.

In order to make the most of all the benefits of the yoga practice, it is important to stay consistent with a dedicated yoga practice.

So that this consistency remains strong, there is a need to find potent and pretty effective ways to keep up with this practice.

The main yoga philosophy teaches all of us to meet ourselves and unite with our higher self no matter where we are in life. It encourages people to lead an honest life, without any attachments and a heightened awareness that everything is a process of change. In case there is day when you are ready to put in your time in the yoga practice but you are unable to cling to it then it is okay. Give yourself a breather because there will be another day and you can come back even stronger. Just make sure that you come back stronger and roll with it the next day because yoga is the best thing that you can do to yourself.

Given below are some of the ways through which we can stay in love with yoga. Let’s have a look at them one by one to gain a better understanding of everything.


It is great to stay committed to a specific routine as it can be beneficial but it is also important to bring in new elements so that you don’t get bored with just one routine. In addition to keeping a person interested and prompting them to learn more, this will put the body in the movement. Changing the way we exercise helps us to tap into resilience, develop plenty of strength in other parts of the body and prevent any sort of injury. Also, since the brain loves to keep a balance between figuring out new ways of working out, this will stimulate the mind and body too.


There are many aspects to the yoga asana that can be explored and they are bound to put add in to the passion for this yoga path. Be it meditation, breathwork, resting in yoga nidra or reading a book on yoga philosophy, yoga has something for everyone. It is enough to inspire everyone. Also, there are many podcasts on all kinds of topics related to yoga that range from spiritual to physical. So, yoga is one of the most holistic ways of life with so many dimensions added to it and everyone practicing it should make the most out of it.


Many yoga studios offer more than just the classes. Make sure that the yoga centre that you join for the yoga teacher training India offers you many other things like social events, summer classes, meditation classes, kirtan classes or a satsang. You can build relationships with aspiring yogis or the already established ones to stay in love with yoga.


The reason why you started doing yoga is the most important reason why you should inculcate the practice of gratitude along with a sense of purpose. It is important to be grateful for the reason that is responsible for bringing you close to the practice of yoga. Remember what reason led you to it when you started doing it for the first time and make it your purpose to continue with the practice. The reason could vary from a physical problem, mental problem or just a simple desire to stay healthy. You must remember why you practice yoga to motivate yourself to get on the mat.


Go out on a date with yourself and know more about this practice and its benefits. This is a definite way to spark things between yoga and you. It could be a cinema, a book, a documentary, a dinner or going anywhere out in the nature. Enrich yourself with the yoga knowledge while incorporating various elements of yoga. Taking space away from other people can prove to be very beneficial.


Make a space for your practice with a strong and an effective intention behind the practice. It is a way of honouring the practice while making sure that the yoga practice stays important for you. You can either consider setting up an altar next to where you are practicing at home; use your favourite crystals, candles or something all the more natural so that your practice can develop long and strong.


Yoga practice has been made famous be many popular saints and erudites who have used many words of wisdom. Use these words to inspire yourself and the practice. Choose some quotes, print them out and write them with your hands along with some decorations in case you have an artistic inclination. You can use them for decoration or you can hang them around the place where you practice. Reading them as you practice will allow you to tap into your love for the practice.

Final Words:-

In the end, you must always remember that any kind practice or relationship works well with a positive energy and effort. There has to be a driven effort for a yoga practice to win. If you want to expect changes in your life and wellness then it is important for you to show up as much as possible.

Make it a point to show up as much as you can with all honesty and an open heart so that yoga can work its magic and create a big difference in your life. All the tips mentioned above will inspire you while making sure that you stay in love with yoga. Let us know how your practice yoga and in what ways yoga changed your life. We will be looking forward to bring about a positive change in your life with our suggestions.


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