Quotes About Money You'll Want to Read

Published:Nov 17, 202319:56
Updated on:Feb 22, 2024
Quotes About Money You'll Want to Read
Quotes About Money You'll Want to Read|

Whether we like to admit it or not, money represents a great aspect of our everyday lives. There are several people that build their lives with the sole purpose of hoarding great amounts of money that could offer them a certain social status and the guarantee of a comfortable life.

As people strive to gain fortunes, they tend to forget about being present in the moment, and usually end up experiencing feelings of loneliness and increased stress.

There are several quotes out there that offer a fascinating perspective regarding the importance of money and the role they tend to play in people’s lives. Hence, we have curated a list with the most remarkable quotes on the topic of money that have left a mark on the consciousness of people.

1.   "Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Felson's famous line from The Color of the Money movie has become a fan favourite due to its strong tie with the joy of gambling. 

Often, gambling enthusiasts will feel a higher level of happiness when landing a winning line on one of their favourite games than checking their account on their paycheck day. Hence, it should come as no surprise that gamblers will love scrolling down a catalogue full of gambling quotes. 

Such citations show that the passion for gambling is valid, and the joy of this activity is universal for all the bettors out there.

2.   “The lack of money is the root of all evil.”

The emblematic Mark Twin’s quote subtly highlights the importance of having a stable income throughout your life. 

Sometimes, when people find themselves in a dire situation where they can no longer afford a secure lifestyle, they will succumb to doing evil deeds to find a source of income.

High criminality is often born in poverty-stricken communities, where people no longer believe a greater force will help them improve their life. Out of desperation – which is often combined with blind ambition – people would rather break the law than face the consequences of a life without money.

Of course, evil is not reserved solely for poor people. There are several individuals that choose to break the law in order to gain extra money that could secure them a more luxurious lifestyle. It is one’s desperate trial to always earn more money that usually attracts evil deeds, not the lack of great fortunes.

3.   “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”

Henry David Thoreau’s famous citation is quite paradoxical to the great lesson of self-sufficiency preached through the author’s most famous work, Walden. However, there is indeed some truth in his words, so it makes sense there are several sensible people would often keep it as a reference when trying to motivate their ambitions of having great amounts of cash.

Whilst it is true that money is certainly not enough to live a happy life, having money does create several opportunities for taking part in certain activities that may bring someone long-term happiness.

Once someone is in the possession of enough funds to secure themselves a sustainable lifestyle, they can engage in spending money to engage in more enjoyable and insightful activities.

From buying tickets to your favourite concert to travelling around the world and having the chance to offer great sums to charity, money does offer you access to a large variety of activities that are usually impossible to experience for poorer individuals.

4.   “Money does not buy you happiness, but lack of money certainly buys you misery.”

This powerful quote successfully reflects the essence of people’s relationship with earning money. In the modern world, more often than not, money is essential to living a normal life without succumbing to sadness or despair. It is true that most of us don’t need great material possessions, but no person can ever do without some money, at the very least.

Apart from all the great possessions that can be bought with money, one truth is universally acknowledged: money can ensure a feeling of security. 

When you no longer have to worry about having enough money to feel confident about your future, you will have enough time to enjoy the luxury of reflecting on the greater meanings of life.

Conclusive thoughts

There are certainly more important things in life than chasing after money and building your life around the goal of making fortunes. However, even those who lean more towards living a self-sufficient life still need money to fulfil their basic needs of security and existence. 

One should always strive to find an equilibrium between living a joyful life and being sensible enough to understand that money is essential for a fulfilled existence. Hence, we strongly support you to detach yourself from the goal of making fortunes, while still making sure you can earn a sustainable income to support your needs and expectations in life.

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