Ranking the Top Five Treasure Hunt Games of All Time

Published:Nov 17, 202312:35
Ranking the Top Five Treasure Hunt Games of All Time
Top Five Treasure Hunt Games of All Time|Top Five Treasure Hunt Games of All Time|

Playing treasure hunt games is one of the most fun pastimes in the world. When you get to start a game that you have never played before, the sense of wonder and excitement is incomparable to most other gaming experiences.

Even though you may not be a kid who thinks treasure still exists, you still have that sense of wonder and amazement each time you start playing a treasure hunt game. 

If you are well-versed in this genre, you may not be sure where to look for your next game. We have put together a list that should help you decide on what to play in the coming days and weeks.

Below are the five greatest treasure hunt games of all time.

1. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

A series of record-breaking games, Uncharted is now a blockbuster movie franchise as well. Even though it came after the first three games, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is arguably the very best in the series.

Within this game, you are going on a journey with the main characters, Nathan and Sam, as they look to find Henry Avery’s lost treasure. They must scour the entire planet as they attempt to find the relics that may give them a chance at redemption and the normal life they are beginning to desire.

One of the unique quests within this game is when you end up in the hidden city of Libertalia, where a legendary pirate treasure is present.

2. Tomb Raider

A franchise that has included several movies and video games, Tomb Raider is synonymous with treasure hunting to most people. The most recent Tomb Raider games, which have also inspired a new line of movies, are some of the best ever released on computers or consoles.

The charm of Tomb Raider is that you get to watch a character grow from being young, nervous, but brave as she attempts to make sense of the world that has been left behind for her to navigate. You journey with Lara Croft on her various adventures, attempt to find treasures from the furthest corners of the globe, and explore more about her past and family.

There are multiple Tomb Raider games you can enjoy, with each title having its merits.

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3. Wild Arms

One of the most underrated role-playing games to be released in the past few decades, Wild Arms is a delightful treasure hunt game. The main character in this game meets up with two of his friends to attempt a world-saving crusade while also trying to find a lost treasure that could hold the key to everything he has been seeking.

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The concept behind the game is to follow the clues, excavate treasure from various spots around the world, fight your enemies, and save the world by the end of the game. Such a role-playing game can be an endless adventure, as you can explore the various worlds within the game, try different story levels from another angle, and immerse yourself in this digital world.

4. Indiana Jones

When you think about Indiana Jones, your mind immediately goes to the successful franchise of movies. One of the greatest games is a spin-off from that series, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. 

An old-school game that does not boast the graphics of modern-day titles, Indiana Jones is still a thrill to play. You can go on journeys as the titular character through venues such as the Sankara Stones in the Temple of Doom, the Ark of the Covenants, and the Holy Grail from the Last Crusade.

Not only must you have your wits about you to find treasure, but you will encounter plenty of enemies in these locations as well. The charm of the Indiana Jones movies is that you get a fun combination between a combat game and a treasure hunt.

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successful franchise of movies

5. Ducktales

Even though booting up this game may result in feelings of apprehension, given the outdated graphics of this title, Ducktales is still one of the greatest games ever made. The game, created for the Nintendo Entertainment System in the late 1980s, is a thrilling treasure hunt adventure.

Released in 1989, Ducktales features an old rich duck that wants to travel through several exotic lands to find the most enticing and appealing treasures. When he goes on his adventures, he takes his nephews with him too!

You can go on quests through the Amazon jungle, along with Transylvania, as you attempt to find every bit of loot that is hidden away in this treasure hunt game.

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