Happy National Day of Prayer Religious Wishes, Quotes, God Messages, Theme, Fasting, Status to Share

Published:Nov 17, 202322:29
Happy National Day of Prayer Religious Wishes, Quotes, God Messages, Theme, Fasting, Status to Share
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Warmth Wishes National Day of Prayer 2023 : Wish you all Happy National Day of Prayer, Every year this spiritual day is celebrated on 05 May to gain positive energy from universal power. All the world is controlled by a universal power that circulates around globe, and different diversity people say different name. People faith in God, Allah, Christ that exist somewhere in world. People remember God, on this day and offer a past for their forefathers. A prayer is offered to god to have a peace and patience in their family. First time, this day was observed by United States Congress and President Harry S. Truman. in 1952. So friends, here are Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Status that you can share with your loved one's.

National Day of Prayer 2023 Theme

National Day of Prayer  Theme
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This year National Day of Prayer theme is ‘Pray Fervently in Righteousness and Avail Much’ that focuses on the genesis power who made this beautiful world. It is the surprise that god give us a boon for best. On this religious day people donate money and other essential items to needy people. This is the day of religious unity where people religious greetings and status offer to god as a prayer. All universe people have fast for those people who are not getting food and it is believed that saved food may be got by needy people.

National Day of Prayer Quotes, Wishes, Messages

National Day of Prayer Quotes, Wishes, Messages

May god fulfil all wishes of all, on this special day of National Day of Prayer.

National Day of Prayer

Universal power is bright your life like as stars, you gain all you want in your heart, Let's pay a prayer to God.

National Day of Prayer poster

May god give you Peace, harmony, inner peace on this religious day of prayer. Your heart and soul may pious with grace of God.

National Day of Prayer quotes

I pray to god, to reappear my home, to healings, blessings and miracle to Amen. Happy National Day of Prayer.

National Day of Prayer wishes

Please, give me only few strength that I can fight with all struggles, my hand always open for help. Amen by heart.

Greetings, Status, Religious Messages National Day of Prayer

  • I don't know how I handle my problems, but only know that all in worst I have a ray of hope that is My God.
  • God is everywhere and exist in all universe. May God protect all families and friends from all evils. Happy National Day of Prayer 2023.
  • A positive strength exists in you and that is connected with God. May God save you in adverse circumstances of Life.
  • Dear God, give me strength that I will fight for best, Your grace enlighten everyone life. Wish you all religious day of National Prayer Day.
  • Let's offer a prayer for all that are suffering from evils. May God help you all in any adverse situation of Life.


When National Day of Prayer is celebrated every year ?

Every year national prayer of day is observed 05 May to offer a prayer to God for peace, harmony in universe.

Where God exists in world ?

God exists in any atom, sub atom and everything that exists in world. Only you can feel god with your heart .

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