Happy World NET Cancer Day (2024) Wishes, Quotes, Theme to Share

Published:Jan 27, 202422:39
Updated on:Jan 27, 2024
Happy World NET Cancer Day (2024) Wishes, Quotes, Theme to Share
Happy World NET Cancer Day

Happy World NET Cancer Day: Every year World NET Cancer Day is celebrated on 10th November to increase the awareness about the adverse form of cancer that is called Neuroendocrine or NET cancer globally. This is the fatal form of cancer that affects human body that appears by the abnormal development by neuroendocrine cells and causes a cancer tumor. These cells slowly or aggressively affect the human body and weak the immune system in human beings. So to aware the people about the NET Cancer symptoms, surgery, radiation, information and treatment this significant day is observed globally. There are many symptoms of NET cancer like as skin flushing, fluctuating and physical weakness, aggressive mind are the symptoms of this type of cancer. Here are the some key highlights about NET cancer day-

  • Event Name- World NET Cancer Day
  • Date- 10 November
  • Observe by- International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance
  • Significant- To raise awareness about this adverse misdiagnosed types of cancer
  • Frequency- Annual
  • Mascot of Day- Zebra
  • Total member country- 32

So friends here is World NET Cancer Day Quotes that you can share with your friends and family also.

World NET Cancer Day History, Theme

First time this global day was celebrated in 2010 as the awareness day by the INCA. International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance (INCA) is the top organization to promote this day. This organization communicates with the group members of INCA and also provide the medical conservation direction to improve the system day by day.

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World NET Cancer Day Quotes

  • Everything can be conquered, cancer is also disease that can be cured by the proper treatment, discipline and a deep positive hope of recuperate.
  • Every person is suffering from cancer, but it don't mean, the life full stop moment rather than it should be a comma, use it, let's start a new life with a greatest hope to conquer it.
  • Cheers up with the adverse moment of NET Cancer Day, with saying that I will win not immediately but definitely. Happy World NET Cancer Day 2024.
  • NET cancer can affect your physical body but can't affect your inner positive spirits, it is possible to do everything.
  • If cancer is the game of life then you are the best plyer to play this game. Enjoy the game and win the championship on this significant day of World NET Cancer Day 2024 Special.

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On which date World NET Cancer Day is observed ?

10 November

What are the symptoms of Neuroendocrine Cancer ?

There are many symptoms like as Physicals weakness, loss in weight, weak immune system, adverse tumor form, spot lump developing under skin, many times urination problems.

Can it be cure of NET Cancer ?

Defiantly in the initial phase of cancer it can be cured with medicines but in the final stage it may be hamper the health.

Which body part is affected by the Cancer ?

In the adverse circumstances it affects the nerve system, blood vessels, and also particular organs.

How can be Cancer prevent ?

Healthy diet, refrain from alcohol and tobacco, and proper vaccination are some steps that can reduce the probability of cancer.

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