Make a Memorable Trip on International Waterfalls Day 2023

Published:Nov 17, 202320:01

Make a Memorable Trip on International Waterfalls Day 2023 : If you are really fascinated with nature gifts and with it's marvelous view then International Waterfalls Day is perfect day to embark this amazing trip filled with incredible beauty of nature. This trip will explore your life best initially unforgettable adventure in your whole life. Everyone want to try to see this majestic and grandeur viewpoint and here you will find world's best trip point that will ecstasy your mind with thrilling and exhilarating moments. So friends today is International Waterfalls Day 2023 that is observed every year 16 June to unveil majestic science and it's grandeur purity. Certainly, here are five of the World's Most Spectacular Waterfalls that you might exhilarate your mind and heart on the occasion this trip.

International Waterfalls Day 2023 Short Intro

Event International Waterfalls Day 2023
TypeNature, Adventure
Celebration date16 June
Theme"Ecosystem Restoration with Tree Plantation and Cleanup Exercise "
Significanceto protect our planet and increase awareness about natural nature gifts
First observationLate 1600's

Top 5 International Waterfalls And Trip Advisor

Here are the topmost five waterfalls that is famous with it's ecstasy beauty and thrilling sound-

  1. Victoria Falls - Located in Southern Africa, Victoria falls is the most amazing natural falls that is filled with unique species of minor plants and creatures. It is breath king sight and popular tourist destination where every year millions people visited and thrilling it's marvelous sound. It is habitat of wonderful colorful species of flora and fauna that is incredible in world.
  2. Iguazu Waterfalls - Iguazu waterfalls is situated border of Argentina and Brazil and it is stunning view that is also famous with it's natural beauty. It is attraction of several tourists that interest it's natural beauty and it's vibrant look. Numerous surrounding of fragrant trees and greenery enchant anyone to see its natural beauty.
  3. Jog falls - India's largest and biggest waterfall Jog Falls is wonderful waterfall that is situated in Shimoga district of Karnataka, India. In the rainy season this beauty enchants every heart and the light drops of falls swims in open air that thrill everyone heart.
  4. Niagara falls - Niagara a heaven of world, explores its beauty at spanning border of Canada and New York. Vast curtain falling and stunning swimming pools are the center of attraction in this beautiful waterfalls. Approximately it is interconnected cascading lakes and waterfalls that pulls everyone attention towards it's incredible beauty.
  5. Angel falls - World's tallest and biggest uninterrupted waterfall Venezuela is most visiting site in world history. It is recognized site by UNESCO world heritage list and falls approx. 980 meters that is maximum in world. To see Angel falls will be most fortunate moment one's life.

Activities on Waterfalls and Memorable Experience

There are many activities that will helpful make this amazing moment more magnificent and specific for you. Here are popular activities that will bounce this trip in your heart as most amazing moment in your heart-

  1. Hiking on Nature Walks - Greenery hills and rainy clouds are most incredible nature gifts that are part of nature. Try to explore surrounding greenish flora and fauna and its calm light movement.
  2. Magnificent Sightseeing - It is most wonderful activities that many people ignore, to see nature and it's beauty is magnificent moment. Our heart naturally connected with our nature. We are also part of our nature. So try to connect your peaceful mind with it's ecstasy beauty.
  3. Swimming and Paragliding - Swimming in waterfalls and enjoying in water pools are hobbies that will bounce your heart towards craziness. Particular this exhilarating experience will charm your heart forever.
  4. Morning Meditation - To do morning meditation in surrounding of nature is most amazing gift that you can achieve by wandering in silent hills. It will be grandeur moment when you will enjoy in a silent and calm place early in the morning its vital beauty.
  5. Listening Enchanting Sound - With our busy life, we ignore our mental and physical health. But it will is time to improve our daily habits, try to go calm and silent place where you can thrilling of these infinitive sound of waterfalls.

Planning and Travelling Expenses to Visit Waterfalls

Travelling expenses and transportation budget vary on your individual factors. As a example there are five factors that play important role in your trip that are travelling vehicle, accommodation choices, food and dining rents and stay activities. So try to estimate these factors and prepare a planning for a perfect and tense free travel trip.


On which date International Water Falls day is celebrated ?

16 June

Where is world's biggest Waterfall situated ?

Angel Falls, Venezuela

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