Life After High School: What Are Your Next Steps?

Published:Nov 17, 202310:41
Life After High School: What Are Your Next Steps?
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As a young adult, deciding what to do once you graduate high school can be overwhelming. It feels as though people are asking you to choose what you want to do for the rest of your life, even though you’re only just transitioning into adulthood. You may also feel pressure from your parents or others to take a certain path, even though it doesn’t necessarily feel right to you at this time. However, it is important to have some idea of what you might want to do next, as having these plans in place can offer some direction and comfort as you leave high school and move on to the next chapter in your life. Below are some ideas and tips to help you decide what to do next.

Take a Year Out

If you are feeling unsure about whether college is the right path for you, or even if you would like to take a short break from education for now, then taking a year out could be a good option. This doesn’t mean you’ll never go to college, but perhaps finding employment or even going traveling could offer some more time to make sure that you’re ready for further education and to decide what courses you would like to pursue when you do attend college.

Going to College Straight Away

If you are sure that college is the right path for you and you’re happy to attend university in the fall after high school graduation, then it makes sense to focus on this next step now. You may have already done some research on the colleges that you are interested in, but make sure that you are focused on getting the right grades and taking part in other activities that would look good on a college application, such as extra-curricular clubs at school, or even volunteering for charities, etc. You can use the college acceptance calculator at CampusReel to help you find out more about the entry requirements at the colleges you are interested in.

Work While You Study

Going to college can be expensive, and although your parents might have a college fund saved, a lot of students still choose to work while they study for extra cash to cover living expenses and to contribute to their tuition fee costs. It can also be a good opportunity to get some practical working experience and develop some of those skills that can be transferable on your resume. You might even want to consider enrolling in an online college course for a more flexible approach to your studies, and they usually come at a more affordable cost than going to college in the traditional sense. 

Starting Your Career

If you aren’t interested in college, then you might be more concerned with starting your career once you graduate from high school. Although degrees can improve career prospects in some industries, this isn’t always the case, and there are many paths you can explore that don’t require a college degree to get started. If you’re not sure what career path you want to take, speak to a guidance counselor or do some research online to help you look at the different options and for further tips on how to find employment. 

Everyone has different paths in life, and although it can seem daunting to make these big decisions now, it is a good idea to have some plans in place for when you graduate high school. Consider these suggestions and see if they can help you decide what is the right move for you.

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