Leaked video of "Marianita y Brandon" has gone viral on the internet

Published:May 17, 202414:43
Leaked video of "Marianita y Brandon" has gone viral on the internet

The internet is rocked by a leaked “Marianita Y Brandon Video” and it has caused a storm on the social media because of its objectionable content. Here you have more details-

There is no dearth of controversies which keep erupting on the internet at frequent intervals. The latest in this trend is a video titled ‘Marianita y Brandon’ that has gone viral on Twitter. As per the comments the video depits the TikTok couple in an intimate encounter.

The videos first started circulating on Facebook and later on TikTok and it surprised many netizens because both Marianita and Brandon uploaded only viral pranks and challenges. Never in the past have they ever posted adult contents like the one which has become viral on social media.

The Truth about video of Marianita y Brandon

The video of Marianita and Brandon does exist and it is a series of short clip totalling 17 seconds duration which begins with several photographs of Marianita and Brandon taken from previous pictures on their social media profiles, where they appear hugging. Later the tiktokers are seen having an intimate encounter, with Brandon recording the scene.

The identity of the person who has leaked the video is not known and some skeptics think that it was leaked by Brandon and there are speculations on the social media about the present state of their relationship.

However if the videos were leaked without consent then it entails a serious crinme and can invite hefty fines as well as a jail sentence.


Who are Marianita and Brandon?

Marianita and Brandon are a couple who regularly upload contents on the TikTok which are hilarious and rib tickling. Mariana Valdez, known as Marianita is quite popular and has more than 400 thousand followers on her Instagram profile.  

Brandon Gámez, also known as Brandito also regularly uploads content on TikTok and has a decent following of 160 thousand.

The couple has not issued any statements about the leaked videio but has continued to upload contents on the social media negating any possibility that the two are drifting apart as speculated by some netizens.

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