How to Host a Gaming Night (Fun for Everyone!)

Published:Nov 17, 202312:37
How to Host a Gaming Night (Fun for Everyone!)
How to Host a Gaming Night||

Hosting a successful night of fun-filled activities requires a bit of planning and preparation, and a competent host should consider every detail if they want to ensure that guests have a great evening. 

No matter what you decide to do for the night, whether it’s a bingo event, video games, or board games, there are several factors you should keep in mind. Here are our top five tips for planning an exciting and memorable gaming night.

1. Pick the date carefully

Finding an evening where all of your guests have free time isn’t as easy as simply picking a date and sending out invites. While you could just wing it, choose a date that suits you, and hope for the best, it’s far more effective to engage in a bit of calendar planning.

Give your guests enough advance notice by sending invites early and providing ample time for them to RSVP. If you can see that the majority of your guests won’t make it, you can still reschedule without too much hassle.

The sooner you get your invites out, the less likely it is that schedule clashes and prior commitments will get in the way. Ideally, you want to provide at least a week’s notice, but it all depends on the size of the guest list and the lifestyles of the invitees.

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2. Invite enough people

The last thing you want is to set everything up, welcome your guests, and find out that you don’t have the right number of players for the game you want to play. By that point, it's already too late, and you have to scramble to find alternatives under pressure.

Save yourself the trouble by doing some calculations beforehand. For instance, if the game requires an even number of players, don’t invite an odd number of people. This may seem like an obvious example, but it’s surprising how many hosts forget the fundamentals.

If you don’t have a guest list already, or you need a few extra names to add to the list, think about which of your social groups might enjoy the same games as you, regardless of whether they’re friends, family, work colleagues, or mutual acquaintances. 

3. Choose the right games

Some people say it’s impossible to please everyone, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Catering to the interests of your guests is the hallmark of a good host, and it takes a fair amount of effort to find out which games can keep everyone satisfied.

When in doubt, remember that there’s no harm in asking. Your aim is to offer entertaining gameplay for everyone involved, and you can only do that if you know which games are appealing to the people you’ve chosen to invite.

Ask about which types of games they prefer, and try to provide a variety of options if you can’t settle on one party game. Also take into account the amount of players as this will already eliminate a couple of games out there.

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4. Set up a suitable space

Next up on the priorities of party planning is the space itself. The area you’ve chosen needs to be well-lit, neat, and spacious enough. Comfort is the primary objective, and ultimately, your guests should almost feel obligated to sit back and relax.

Once you’ve picked a suitable location, make the space as cozy as possible. Seating and tables are often critical considerations, but some games can be played without them. In these cases, furniture can be more of a hindrance than a creature comfort.

Design the layout in a way that compliments the atmosphere of the game. If it’s a laid-back and relaxing game, grab a few poufs and floor pillows. If it’s a more involved and tension-filled game, set the scene with comfy chairs and a fitting table. 

5. Provide ample food and drink

Tasty snacks and beverages should be available throughout the evening. If you run out of these necessities early, you’ve either been too frugal or misjudged the appetites of your guests. Either way, players aren’t going to be happy on empty stomachs.

As a general rule, rather be safe than sorry. Prepare more rather than less; the worst consequence is that you may have leftovers afterward. That's a small price to pay for ensuring that no one is left feeling hungry or thirsty.

For extra hosting points, you can match the theme of your menu to the games you’re playing. Mead mugs and medieval dishes for tabletop roleplaying are examples that immediately come to mind, and there are no limits to what you can achieve with creativity.

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