Happy World Tuberculosis (TB) Day (2023) Theme| Wishes| Quotes to Share

Published:Nov 17, 202322:44
Happy World Tuberculosis (TB) Day (2023) Theme| Wishes| Quotes to Share
Happy World Tuberculosis (TB) Day|Happy World Tuberculosis|Happy World Tuberculosis wishes|Happy World Tuberculosis|

Happy World Tuberculosis (TB) Day (2023) Theme| Wishes| Quotes to Share : Every year World Tuberculosis (TB) Day is observed on 24 March as the awareness campaign of world most contagious disease TB. This is the annual day that celebrated to eliminate TB and also aware people about the prevention, control this fatal disease. According to WHO health data there are 11 million people who are suffering from TB disease and it's devas ting effect. Robert Koch was the first person who discovered Mycobacterium Tuberculosis who is known as the deadly bacterial of TB. In the severe condition of disease human being's lungs are mostly affected with causative effects. As the parent organizations WHO implements it's program to eliminate TB worldwide. As the global efforts WHO recommended Directly Observed Therapy, Short-Course (DOTS) treatment to patients. So friends today in this article we will know about the World Tuberculosis (TB) Day Wikipedia, History, Significance, Theme, Wishes, Quotes, Activities, Posters, Greetings that you can share with your friend's and close one's.

World Tuberculosis (TB) Day 2023 Wiki Highlights

Happy World Tuberculosis wishes
World Tuberculosis Day. March 24
Event World Tuberculosis (TB) Day
TypeAwareness, Health
Observe date24 March
Observation byWHO
Significanceaware people about the prevention of TB disease, control to fatal disease in human infection
1st commemoration1982
Parent OrganizationWHO
Causative BacteriumMycobacterium Tuberculosis
Infected Population11 million
Hashtags of day#happyworldtbday

World Tuberculosis (TB) Day 2023 Theme Yes! We can end TB!

The Theme of World Tuberculosis Day 2023 is Yes! We can end TB! - this theme is focuses that every patient of TB infected can be cured by the medicines and vaccines. This is the time to eliminate TB forever and 2023 theme encourage the innovators that are accelerated making effort to end TB forever. This is the global effort that can be cure by suitable medicines and cure also.

Quotes on World Tuberculosis (TB) Day 2023

TB Day quotes are a great way to spread awareness and education about the disease. Here are some of the most thought-provoking and inspiring TB Day quotes to help you remember why it’s so important to fight TB:

Happy World Tuberculosis poster
World Tuberculosis Day. March 24. Holiday concept. Template for background, banner, card, poster with text inscription. Vector EPS10 illustration

“The only way to end TB is to end poverty and inequality.” – Kofi Annan

"Let's make some innovative to combat against TB pandemic by the accelerated action and contribution with each other. "

"It is possible, let's eliminate the world causative infectious disease TB with smart way and proper hygiene on this occasional day of World TB Day 2023."

“We must mobilize resources and political will to strengthen TB prevention and care.” – Gro Harlem Brundtland

“TB knows no boundaries. We must join together to end it.” – Nelson Mandela

"TB is common disease in initial phase, let's make some innovative to inspire people about the TB and it's causative symptoms. "

"Nothing is impossible, it is abnormality of physical health, we can win by innovative way. Happy World Tuberculosis Day 2023 forever."

“Let us join hands to fight against TB and make a pledge to make the world TB-free. Happy World Tuberculosis Day!”

“The fight against TB continues. Let us all take a stand to end the spread of this deadly disease. Happy World Tuberculosis Day!”

“Prevention is key to combat TB. Let us all recognize the importance of preventing the spread of this disease. Happy World Tuberculosis Day!”

“Let us come together to spread awareness about TB. Together we can make a difference.
Happy World Tuberculosis Day!”

“Let us strive to eradicate TB from the face of the earth. Keep spreading awareness and let’s make this world TB free. Happy World Tuberculosis Day!

"To abolish TB forever, everyone should come together, it is global responsibility to finish it permanently. "

“TB is a preventable and curable disease, yet it still kills more people than any other infectious disease.” – Margaret Chan

“TB can be defeated with the right combination of resources, commitment and action.” – Ban Ki-moon

World Tuberculosis Day 2023 Activities

Happy World Tuberculosis
World Tuberculosis Day card, background, March 24. Vector illustration. EPS10
Happy World Tuberculosis
Vector Illustration of World Tuberculosis Day
  • A global campaign can be held by the diagnosis person's of TB symptoms.
  • Make the contact from TB infected patients, and provide them health benefits by the proper vaccination.
  • A program can be organized to aware people about the prevention and control of TB forever.
  • Advertise some TB campaigns by providing banners, slogans to aware people about the TB.
  • Raise public awareness and understanding about the world's deadliest infectious killer tuberculosis (TB).

FAQ's on TB disease

Q1. What is Tuberculosis Day?

Tuberculosis Day is an annual event held on March 24 to raise awareness and increase access to diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of tuberculosis (TB), a highly infectious disease caused by bacteria. The day also serves to mobilize global efforts to end the TB epidemic.

Q2. What is the purpose of Tuberculosis Day?

The purpose of Tuberculosis Day is to raise awareness of the global TB epidemic, highlight progress and remaining challenges, and encourage accelerated efforts to end the disease. The day also serves to mobilize global efforts to end the TB epidemic and ensure access to diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of TB for all who need it.

Q3. Who discovered the TB disease ?

Robert Coach was the German bacteriologist who discovered first the Micro bacterium Tuberculosis first in the world.

Q4. What can I do to help on Tuberculosis Day?

On Tuberculosis Day, you can help by raising awareness of TB and the global epidemic. You can share information about TB symptoms and how to get tested, and help to ensure those in need have access to diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. You can also donate to organizations working to end TB, or volunteer to help a TB-affected community.

Q5. Which human part is mostly infected in TB disease ?

Commonly lungs and respiratory system is affected by the TB disease.

Q6. What are the symptoms of TB ?

Night sweats, Coughing for 2-3 week, fever, weight loss are the common symptoms that appeared in a TB patients.

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The theme of World TB Day 2023 – Yes! We can end TB! – aims to inspire hope and encourage high-level leadership, increased investments, faster uptake of new WHO recommendations, adoption of innovations, accelerated action and multisectoral collaboration to combat the TB epidemic.

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