Happy World Ranger Day (31 July 2023) - Theme, Wishes, Quotes, Posters, Images - to Celebrate Special Day with Inspiring Ideas

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Happy World Ranger Day (31 July 2023) - Theme, Wishes, Quotes, Posters, Images - to Celebrate Special Day with Inspiring Ideas
Happy World Ranger Day||||

Happy World Ranger Day: Every year World Ranger Day or International Ranger Day is celebrated on 31 July to honor and as a awareness campaign to all rangers who work for our beautiful flora, fauna. They are protector our natural habitat and also play a vital role to maintain this ecofriendly environment forever. They tirelessly work for our natural resources and work to make wildlife conservations around the world. Motive to celebrate this special day is to save our biodiversity, and plant's natural resources for upcoming future generations. First time this official day was celebrated in 2007 that was a startup initiative by International Ranger Federation (IRF) and it's assistance foundation Thin Green Line. Besides its World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) is also foundation to commemorate this initiative. The history of this special day dense connected with Virunga National Park Democratic Republic of Congo when 9 rangers were killed to protecting our wildlife and natural beauty in 1999. And it was date on 31 July 1999, so it was decided as a reminder day to celebrate this hopefully day forever. So friends, today in this article we will know about World Ranger Day 2023 Wikipedia, History, Significance, Importance, Wishes, Quotes, Theme, Wallpapers, Images, Slogans, Greetings, and Social Media Status that you can share with your friends and close one's.

World Ranger Day 2023 Wikipedia, Key Highlights

World Ranger Day 2023 Wikipedia
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Event NameWorld Ranger Day 2023
TypeEnvironment, Awareness
Celebration date31 July 2023
Significanceas a reminder day of rangers contribution to establish a sustainable development of our flora and fauna with creating ecofriendly nature
1st celebration2007
Motive to celebrateappreciate rangers hard work, make awareness wildlife, crate a ecofriendly environment
Activities social media campaign, candlelight vigils and silence prayer for rangers, park activities
Connected to Virunga National Park Democratic Republic of Congo
Parent OrganizationWorld Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Who are Rangers ?

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Rangers are human beings who are protector and army men to save our environment and wild life nature, who work in National parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, National reserves, and other protected and reserved forest area that are authorized by governments and private organizations. There are many responsibilities that can't be think without their contributions like as environment security, law enforcement, monitoring and search activities, animals protections, different CITES protocols and rules. They play a specific roles according to different types locations and play a vital role to revive our environment activities and forests field campaigns.

World Ranger Day 2023 Theme - Worldwide Flora And Fauna

World Ranger Day 2023 theme is "Worldwide Flora and Fauna" that is indication that it is very important to save our greenery flora and nature environment forever. 2023 theme motive revolves to make a awareness about greenery flora and fauna that is to poor present circumstances. It is time to revive our nature and environment for a sustainable development and also a safe future. There are many concerns that are danger for our natural habitat and wildlife like as increasing pollution, poaching of wild animals, fire in forest, and cutting down trees, drastically changing climate change and thickness of ozone layer that can't be ignored. It is not a individual person responsibility to revive this whole nature we should all come together that is real motive of 2023 theme.

How to Celebrate World Ranger Day 2023

How to Celebrate World Ranger Day 2023
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For a celebration you can do many celebration activities like as we can create a social media campaign on the word World Ranger Day Save Planet, Save Rangers. We can also run a twitter campaign for a global awareness to attract people about our real nature and environment. On the special day of World Ranger Day we can stop our unnecessary moments that disturbs our rangers to establish their research and monitoring projects. We can also go in nearest national parks and can take advise from our rangers about how to establish a sustainable environment and how to protect our wildlife nature. As a celebration we can hold some meetings on how we save our trees and natural habitat and can also focus our endangered species who are listed in CITES red data book.

Amazing Activities on World Ranger Day 2023 to Share

Amazing Activities on World Ranger Day 2023 to Share
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International World Ranger Day is a special day to all who want to live this beautiful heaven with flourishing and refreshment wild life nature. So it is our humble responsibility that we should come together to flourish our vegetative and greenish environment on planet. We can take some amazing activities in 2023 on this special day like as-

  • Community meeting with Rangers- Rangers are protector and also environments specialists to save natural habitat and our forest environment, so a community meeting can aware us make a sustainable development.
  • Save Campaign on forest fire- Increasing temperature is indication our natural glaciers and also for our natural forestry. So it is necessary to know that how forest fire and tree fire can be prevent by human efforts.
  • Fundraising for planting- On special day we can help with our community for our new trees planting and their protection. Some charity can be given to rangers to enhance their projects to improvement nature life.
  • Adopt One Animal Program- It may be great action to revive our wildlife when we take initiative to adopt one animal and take responsibility. It will be also great effort to protect our wildlife and nature.
  • National Parks Cleaning- We can raise a community gathering and on the special day can aim our national parks, wildlife sanctuaries for cleaning. As a volunteers we can provide with this initiative to maintain cleanliness our national parks.
  • Family Trip of Nature Walk- There are many family members who can not visited any national park and their flourishing beauty. So we can organize a trip to connect their heart with our beautiful nature.

Inspirational Quotes, Wishes, Posters, Status on International Ranger Day

"It is our home where our small creature, wildlife, animals and flora and fauna live, don't disturb it's beauty. "

"Without trees and stars, sunrise and sunset, winter and summer we are only machines that will only bear frustration. Let's take a initiative to protect this beautiful nature forever. "

"People seeks real ecstasy in artificial things but a silent and vibrant beauty hiding that is our flora and fauna. Happy World Ranger Day."

"They are greatest protector who works tirelessly to our universal dignity, we salute our bravo Rangers on this special day of International Rangers Day 2023."

"When all hopes finishes and never escape a ray of optimistic then our nature provides to change these impossible things in possible things. "

"Every morning murmur with inspiring ray with full enthusiasm, we can observe it with a fresh peaceful mind. "

"Listen the voice these cool winds, listen emotional feelings of these wavering leaves, observe this nature. "

"World Ranger Day is not a awareness campaign but it is also awareness of real beauty that habitats in our national parks and forests. "

"Let's we also come together to connect our dense heart with our innocent beauty greenish vegetative and hill stations. Happy World Ranger Day 2023 to all."

"The future existence breaths only wonderful flourishing refreshment nature, let's adopt this prosper future with our nature heart. "


On which date World Ranger Day is observed ?

31 July

What types works Ranger do in forests ?

They monitor wild animals activities and works as protector of forests and national parks. They also works in different types search campaigns and provide their service for wonderful nature.

Is rangers duty is very complex ?

Yes they work in forests and sometimes they face many problems like as heavy rainfall, wild animal attack, local primitive community debate and so all.

How many salary a Ranger earns ?

In India a forest ranger salary vary according to their service experience but in the begging in service he earns 6 to 7 lakhs per annum.

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