Happy World Brain Day Wishes (2023) - Sharp Your Brain With 05 Amazing Tips on Special Day

Published:Nov 17, 202322:48
Happy World Brain Day Wishes (2023) - Sharp Your Brain With 05 Amazing Tips on Special Day

Happy World Brain Day: Every year World Brain Day is celebrated on 22 July as a awareness campaign human brain health and avoid it many psychological and neurological diseases. Neurological disorders and brain diseases are increasing day by day and a vital population is trapped in this fatal effect that is concern for humans. According to a health survey there are 750 to 850 children per 100000 lakhs that are suffering many mind related problems and brain disorders by born. And globally concern it is that 50 percentage hospitals are not able to finish this fatal disorder to lack of proper expert care, treatment and other medical assistance. So this day is international collaboration like as many healthcare specialists, researchers, and doctors are working in field of brain neurology science and it's vital field. For a proper treatment and rehabilitation first time this special day was commemorated in 2003 by The World Federation of Neurology. As parent organization World Federation of Neurology (WFN) and it's supplementary organization works to improve access of brain health globally. So friends today in this article we will know about World Brain Day 2023 History, Significance, Theme, Importance, Wikipedia, Wishes, Quotes, Inspirational Messages, Tips to keep Mind healthy that you can share with your friends and close one's.

World Brain Day (2023) History, Importance Key Highlights

World Brain Day 2023Details
Celebration Date22 July
TypeHealth, Awareness
Significanceto improve neurological disorders and psychological diseases by spread awareness globally
Parent OrganizationWorld Federation of Neurology (WFN)
WFN establishment22 July 1957
1st Celebration2013
Related disordersAlzheimer's Disease.
Brain Cancer
Weight1370 grams
Human mind Neurons86.1 billion neurons (approx.)
Brain disorder population1.1 billion approx.
Motive to collaborationto increase brain health awareness, reducing neurological disorders

World Brain Day 2023 Theme - "Brain Health and Disability: Leave No One Behind"

World Brain Day 2023 theme is "Brain Health and Disability: Leave No One Behind" that is indication a vital concern for humans. Theme 2023 informs us this is time to counter attack mind disorders disease and improve brain related disease that is day by day increasing globally. It is every person responsibility to take action to improve our health infrastructure by improve many neurological diseases and their fatal effects. Theme 2023 promotes a better healthcare and also emphasizes all advance technological steps that can be used to eliminate this human disorders permanently. Brain disabilities can be prevented by our best efforts and proper health treatment with our health experts. So we should come together and spread this campaign to save our future generation from these fatal diseases.

05 Amazing Tips to Increase Your Mind Sharpness Forever

A health and peaceful mind can resolve any big problems in few moments, but it is essential that it will work as pure healthy mind. Mind is part of human body and it's health is very important concern for us. To increase sharpness of mind we can take some easy steps like as -

Physical Mind Exercise - Many neurological health survey informs that human mind works quickly with on the basis of active neurons and implementation of work time. Regular mind exercises actives mind neurons and blood flow also, from which many chemicals and harmons genesis that is essential to keep your mind sharp forever.

Puzzle Hobbies to Mind Effort - Puzzles are practical things that can improve your mind work. These are best source to active your mind and force to work. So regular exercise these types practices that may be challenging but this will help you sustain your mind healthy forever.

Adopt Enough Sleep - According to WHO survey it is best to sleep minimum 7 to 8 hours daily for a adult but it is also necessary that quality sleep is necessary. Try to sleep a quality sleep with peaceful and silent environment without any disturbance.

Learn New Hobbies - To better sharpness of mind you can learn some new languages, puzzle games, singing, and other things also. In various researches it is found that these all exercises sharp human mind as comparison of common mind.

Healthy Diet - Lack of quality nutrient can affect your brain health. So always focus on food that should be rich in vitamins, fibers, antioxidants and other supplements.

Inspirational World Brain Day 2023 Quotes, Wishes, Messages to Share

  • The brain is filled with various neurons let's come we also nurture its power and strength for rich ideas and thoughts.
  • Let's revive this incredible power to renovate, regenerate, recreation for upcoming human neurological problems.
  • Human brain is most valuable asset that is universe of knowledge, incredible power, strength and capacity to resolve challenges. Happy Brain Day 2023 Special.
  • Healthy mind, healthy life and healthy diet are three basics foundation to nurture happiness in life. Stay healthy and Wealthy Mind on this Specials Day of BRAIN DAY 2023
  • Sharpness of mind fosters in sharpness of ideas that source is rich diet and high nutrient supplements, let's create a global awareness about brain and it's sharpness challenges.
  • Neurological brain diseases and disorders are not permanent fatal that can be treated by medical researchers and health experts, let's we also contribute our efforts to make is easy forever.
  • Brain is the masterpiece, for a better learning, knowledge, curiosity it is necessary to keep healthy it forever.
  • It is moment to save millions of hopes that are suffering from brain disorders, let's revive this energy to eliminates concern of brain forever.
  • May God wish strength to you to bear mental power to be limitless and always to be peaceful. Happy BRAIN DAY 2023.

Posters, Slogans, Greetings on World Brain Day 2023 to Share

Believe in your brain energy, it is vital universe power to change impossible to possible.

Let's take a moment to see this amazing gift of brain and its vital neurons. Stay revive Brain Day 2023

Knowledge, dreams, hopes, wishes all and everything revolves it. Happy wishes to all mindful aspirants on this special MIND DAY 2023

Believe in yourself either you can win or you learn by mind and it's universal power of energy.

Happy blessings to all, May God strength your healthy mind to take challenges and dreams that you have in heart.


On which date World Brain Day is celebrate ?

22 July

What is Theme of World Brain Day 2023 ?

"Brain Health and Disability: Leave No One Behind"

What Activities can be held on World Brain Day ?

Awareness campaigns, street march, poster gathering and medical assistance can be held on special day of brain.

How many Neurons a Human Brain have ?

86 billions approx.

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