Happy Rishi Panchami (20 September 2023) Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, Messages, Vart, Pooja Vidhi, Muhurat, Status to Share

Published:Nov 17, 202311:08
Happy Rishi Panchami (20 September 2023) Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, Messages, Vart, Pooja Vidhi, Muhurat, Status to Share
Happy Rishi Panchami|Surface Land Acquisition

Happy Rishi Panchami: The auspicious festival Rishi Panchami is the fifth day of Ganesh Chaturthi of Lunar calendar. All Hindu families celebrate this traditional festival and worship the Sapta Rishi to remember the Rishis and Saints who sacrificed all over for the welfare of people. Motive to celebrate this festival is spread awareness and pay greetings the ancient Rishis who contributed to develop the culture India. Besides it in some states like as Rajasthan this day is celebrated as the Rakshabandhn (Brother - Sister) festival by the Dadheech Brahamins, Agarwal, Maheshwari and Kayastha communities of Rajasthan. On sacred day People take a pious bath in rivers and offer Prayer to Lord Ganesha, Navgrah, Sapt Rishies. Females past of Rishi Panchmi for their family welfare and take to blessings of God. So friends today is Rishi Panchami and here are the Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Messages, Status, Pooja Vidhi, Muhurt, Vart that you can share with your friends and close one's. Happy Naga Panchami (02 August) Wishes, Quotes, Messages in Hindi, Marathi, English, Sanskrit

Fast Facts, Key Highlights of Rishi Panchami 2023

EventRishi Panchami 2023
TypeReligious, Culture
Date20 September
Observed byIndia
Seven RishiAgastya, Atri, Bhardwaja, Gautam, Jamadagni, Vashistha and Vishvamitr
SignificanceOffer prayer honorable seven Rishi's (Sages and Saints) for the welfare of society, this is the day when a person get rid of all sins of life.
Frequency Annual
Activities on Day People past, take holy bath in rivers and other natural sources, offer prayer to seven sages for all's peace.
1st time In Vedic era
Worship GodLord Ganesh, Navgrah and seven rishi are worshipped on the auspicious festival. ()
Hashtags of Day #Happyrishipanchmi2023

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Rishi Panchami Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, Messages

Wish you all warmth wishes of Rishi Panchami, May all Rishi bless you for everything that you have heart.

It is the blessings of our sages and saints that we taking breath with the technology.

Let's celebrate the auspicious wishes, greetings gratitude and remembrance of the great deeds of those ancient Rishis, who devoted their life.

Wishing you a blessed Rishi Panchami full of knowledge, wisdom, happiness and harmony.

May this Rishi Panchami cheers up your laugh forever. Happy Rishi Panchami 2022 forever.


On Which date Rishi Panchami is celebrated ?

Every year Rishi Panchami is celebrated on Bhadrapada (August- September) on the fifth day of Shukla Panchami.

When is Rishi Panchami in 2023?

This year the Rishi Panchami falls on Thursday, September 20th, 2023.

What is auspicious time of Rishi Panchami in 2023?

11:01 AM to 01:28 PM

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