Happy Bonalu (Yellamma) 2023 Festival Theme | Wishes | Quotes | Greetings | Status to Share

Published:Nov 17, 202311:09
Happy Bonalu (Yellamma) 2023 Festival Theme | Wishes | Quotes | Greetings | Status to Share
Happy Bonalu (Yellamma)

Happy Bonalu (Yellamma)(2023) Festival 2023 Theme| Wishes| Quotes| Greetings| Status to Share : Dedicated to women strength and dignity festival, The Goddess Mahankali (Bonalu) every year is celebrated in Ashada month in July- August. This is festival of mother Durga or it's incarnation like as Mahankali, Mahachandi or Yellamma. This is auspicious festival where all people come together and offer prayer to achieve the auspicious blessings. Bonalu is traditional festival of Telangana city and as cultural day that is celebrated with many adorned sweets like as jaggery, neem leaves, turmeric, vermilion. The history of Bonalu festival is connected with 18th centaury when Hyderabad and Secundarabad two cities were suffering from fatal disease of Plague and thousands of people had got death. Then Maa Yellamma (incarnation of Durga) appears to protect her son and daughter and after it this festival every year celebrated with full pomp joy in local Telangana. So friends today in this article we will know about the Bonalu Festival 2023 Wikipedia, History, Theme, Wishes, Quotes, Greetings that you can share with your friends and close one's.

Bonalu Yellamma Festival 2023 Wiki Highlights

  • Name of Festival- Bonalu
  • Type- Religion, Culture
  • Celebration date- Ashada Masham
  • History- first worship of goddess Yellamma at Telangana in 18th century
  • Significance- the symbol of women empowerment and strength everywhere in world
  • Related to- traditional culture of Telangana
  • Dedicated to- Goddess Durga or Mahakali
  • Religion- Hindu
  • Activities- Prayer offering, Worship, Auspicious Chanting
  • Temple- Jagadamba temple Golconda
  • Frequency- Annual

2023 Bonalu Festival Auspicious Time and Date

In 2023 this energetic and religious festival falls on 22 June and auspicious time will start on 10:00 A.M. morning. Bonalu festival is fervor and mesmerizing festival that is source of inspiration and positive energy. This is festive spirit that is more explorable and joyous way to develop psychological power. Great mantras and verses starts from 12 p.m. to whole auspicious night. To offering a blessing prayer to construction goddess go at Balkampet Yellamma temple in Balkampet, Ujjaini Mahakali Temple, and Gandimaisamma Temple in Regimental Bazar in Secunderabad. where you can achieve auspicious wishes of mother Durga forever.

Activities and Attractions on Bonalu 2023 Festival

There are many activities will hold on religious festival of Bonalu that occurs in the city of joy and bliss-

  • People wear traditional colorful dresses and offer a religious prayer in the Goddess temple.
  • Many vibrant religious music consort are organizes by local people.
  • People introduce their local region and power of spiritualism to other people.
  • A cordial environment is created for other states people and international tourists.
  • They also tell the ancient history about the Bonalu festival and their religious priests that sacrificed their life for humanity and welfare of society.

Auspicious Wishes Quotes Bonalu Festival 2023

  • Bonalu mother of all arts, science and culture is the manifestation power of courage, on this auspicious festival all dreams come in your heart with grace of Yellamma.
  • Mother of all devas and worse, who is embodiment of every power and devotion may grant you all divine power. Happy Boanalu Festival 2023.
  • Bonalu is festival of power, creation, incarnation, and destruction and we all welcome this blessing festival forever.
  • Inner strength and mental power is the source of divine power, you achieve everything in your life with kindness hopes by Yellamma.
  • Happy Bonalu 2023, May Goddess of strength explore it's power to fulfil your hopeful thoughts and dreams.
  • This is time to bounce and open to heart because this is festival of happiness, joy, ecstasy, prosperity and peace.
  • Let's come together to achieve divine grace and blessings from mother Durga.

Inspiring Blessings and Greetings on Mahankali festival Bonalu

  • Bonalu is symbol of hope, optimism, and prosperity, let's we also fortunate this hopefully day with blessings of mother Mahankali.
  • You achieve everything that you want to have in your heart, this Bonalu bounce your dream and hopes forever.
  • Yellamma is the power of whole universe and it's embodiment power, let's we celebrate this festival in full pomp and joy.
  • Wish you all very energetic and joyful day of Bonalu to boom your dignity and opportunities in future.
  • The past, future and present all tense is controlled by ultimate power that is goddess Mahankali, we all achieve divine power by blessing of mother Durga.

Telangana Bonalu Festival 2023 Special Highlights and Attractions

This year this auspicious ceremony is special in Telangana, if you also want to enjoy this ecstasy moment forever then you can go Mahankali Bonalu Jantra that is situated in Secundarabad. Besides it that best center of divine power is Golkonda Bonalu is also where you will achieve everything religious and harmonious cultural event of Bonalu festival. There are many hotels and resorts are available where everyone can stay and look this special festival of Bonalu.


On which date Bonalu Festival Golkanda falls in 2023 ?

Festival of Golkonda start from 22-06-2023 and it will end on 20-07-2023.

Worship Schedule of Golkanda festival 2023 ?

1st Pooja on 22-06-2023,
2nd Pooja on 25-06-2023,
3rd Pooja on 29-06-2023,
4th Pooja on 02-07-2023,
5th Pooja on 06-07-2023,
6th Pooja on 09-07-2023,
7th Pooja on 13-07-2023,
8th Pooja on 16-07-2023,
9th Pooja on 20-07-2023.

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