Happy International Jazz Day (2024) Theme | Wishes | Quotes | Greetings | Status to Share

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Updated on:May 17, 2024
Happy International Jazz Day (2024) Theme | Wishes | Quotes | Greetings | Status to Share
Happy International Jazz Day|

Happy International Jazz Day (2024) Theme| Wishes| Quotes| Greetings| Status to Share : Every year International Jazz Day or World Jazz Day is celebrated on 30 April to break down the social barriers and create a similar opportunity for all globally. It is the day when freedom of expression reveals around the globe. On the official day people come with each other and communicate on mutual understanding to mitigate the social differentiate. This is the global call of peace and harmony when people work for each other and message to live with cordiality and fraternity everywhere in world. First time this official day was inaugurated on 30 April 2011 by the UNESCO and after it, continue celebrated annually. So friends, in this article we will know about International Jazz Day 2024 Wikipedia, Theme, History, Significance, Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Status that you can share with your friends and close one's.

Wiki Highlights International Jazz Day 2024

Happy International Jazz Day
International Jazz Day poster, April 30. Vector illustration. EPS10
Event International Jazz Day
Type Awareness, Social
Celebrate date 30 April
Significance to mitigate tolerance and establishment of silence, peace, fraternity everywhere by mutual understanding
1st Observation 2011
Parent organization UNESCO
Founder Herbie Hancock
Activities Music concert, peace treaty, fraternity dialogue
Next observation 30 April 2024
Frequency Annual
Hashtags of day #worldjazzday2024

History and Significance of World Jazz Day 2024

International Jazz Day was introduced first time in 2011 to highlight the Jazz music and it's vital influence. The motive to celebrate this music day was to introduce the global peace and also was it's united effect on future generations. The idea of this significance day celebration's comes UNESCO Goodwill ambassador Herbie Hancock and after it this hopefully silence day is celebrated annually. Last time this day was celebrated United Nations Headquarters in New York in 2022.

International Jazz Day 2024 Theme Highlights- To Spread Unity, Peace, Harmony, Fraternity in World

2024 Theme also highlights the Unity, peace globally and focus to establish a fraternity world anywhere. This theme messages us to live with unity and make a cordial relation globally. There are many countries in the world that are facing gender gap, caste discrimination, religion separation and other social worse so, this day is make global effort to reduce tensions between individuals, groups, and communities.

World Jazz Day 2024 Inspirational Wishes, Quotes

Jazz is not a music, it is a wave of reinforce the youth change and spread a harmony relation everywhere, let's we also contribute in this social welfare.

Jazz is the symbol of peace, unity, cordiality, harmony, let's make a global effort to aware people about these significant symbols everywhere in world.

World Jazz day the encouragement day of innovation of positive energy and a welfare society, this is the day to mitigate social gender gap.

We can improvise the social worse, we can unite everywhere in world, we can spread peace, silence, let's celebrate this day as the optimism day of innovative day.

How we may be so biased towards our social culture and civilization, we are gift of the god and have natural phenomena to live, let's mitigate the distance of social worse forever.

Motivational Messages, Greetings, Status on International Jazz Day

We can promote peace, we can improvise social customs and worse forever, we all human right to live with fraternity.

Happy World Jazz day 2024, this is the day of freedom expression, this is the day to call a peace, harmony in social community.

Why discrimination on extreme peak, how we can be biased with our natural dignity, let's commit a commitment to live fraternity on International Jazz Day 2024.

Culture diversity and human dignity are the source of freedom of expression and silence. Happy World Jazz Day 2024 forever.

Extraordinary potential of Jazz can improve the social relation and harmony, now we can make a global effort to improvise future generation forever.


On which date International Jazz Day is celebrated ?

30 April

Who was the founder of World Jazz Day ?

Herbie Hancock

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