Happy Chaitra Navratri (2023) Wishes - कलश स्थापना, शुभ मुहूर्त, पूजा विधि, मंगल आरती, नवरात्रि कथा

Published:Nov 17, 202311:09
Happy Chaitra Navratri (2023) Wishes - कलश स्थापना, शुभ मुहूर्त, पूजा विधि, मंगल आरती, नवरात्रि कथा
Happy Chaitra Navratri

Happy Chaitra Navratri (2023) Wishes - कलश स्थापना, शुभ मुहूर्त, पूजा विधि, मंगल आरती, नवरात्रि कथा : Every year one of the most auspicious Hindu festival of Chaitra Navratri is celebrated on beginning of Hindu calendar Chaitra Month. This year this religious festival falls from 22 March to 30 March 2023. This is the festival of goddess Durga who is the symbol of strength and women empowerment. According to Purans and Vedas there are nine Avatars of Goddess Shakti who is the also wife of God Shiva in Hindu religion. Besides it this festival is also celebrated as the born of Ram that is famous with the name of Ramnavmi. To mitigate worse and spread a peace silence, Goddess Durga or Ambika battles with the Mahishasura (symbol of worse). So it shows that a woman also has strength to face the adverse circumstance. There are many names of Maa Durga like as Kali, Ambika, Chandi, Devashi and so all. So friends, today in this article we will know about the Happy Chaitra Navratri 2023 Wishes, Quotes, Kalash Pooja, Shubh Muhurt, Mangl Aarti, Navratri Kath that you can share with your family and close one's.

Chaitra Navratri (2023) 22 March to 30 March Highlights

  • Festival- Chaitra Navratri 2023
  • Also called- Navratri, Navratan, Ramnavmi
  • Type- Religion
  • Auspicious time- From 22 March 11 : 36 am to 12 : 24 pm
  • Observe by- Hindu
  • Significance- to aware people about the women strength and empowerment
  • Symbol of- Women Empowerment, Strength, Victory
  • Celebration- Fasting, Worship
  • Frequency- Annual

Chaitra Navratri (2023) - कलश स्थापना, शुभ मुहूर्त

Religious festival Chaitra Navratri is emerging with the auspicious wishes and hopes, on the occasional day of Maa Durga Kalash establishment and auspicious muhurt starts from 22 March 11 : 36 am to 12 : 24 pm. This 36 minute time is religious and also best to achieve the grace of Maa Durga. This Navratri festival emerges as the boon for all to fulfill prosperity and fortune to all.

Maa Shailputri (शैलपुत्री) पूजा विधि, मंगल आरती

The first day of auspicious Navratri is celebrated as the worship of Shailputri. It is the daughter of Himalaya and also the part of religious mountain Himalya so it is called as Shailputri. On the religious day people follow the worship and fasting to cheers Maa Durga. Here is the Worship method and prayer of Maa Shailputri-

  • First take a pious bath early in the morining.
  • After then clean the religious location where goddess Durga will be established.
  • Take some flowers, pious rice, roli and auspicious thread, prasad to dedicate maa Shailputri.
  • On the auspicious time start the worship by lightning Dipak and scent sticks.
  • Offer a prayer mother Shailputri with your cute family members.

Happy Chaitra Navratri (2023) Wishes, Auspicious Greetings

Cheers the holy festival Navratra to all with auspicious wishes, may goddess Durga will fulfil your dreams and heart's hopes on this occasional festival of Navratri.

Happy Chaitra Navratri to all, may this Navratri laugh your face forever with prosperity and fortune.

The festival of Navratri reflect your life and dreams in the fortune growth with great enthusiasm and devotion. Happy Chaitra Navratri 2023 to all.

Strength, Compassion, and Wisdom prosper your life with great auspicious wishes on the auspicious festival of Navratri.

Blessings of Maa Durga flashes your family hopes and dreams forever.

The grace of Mother Shailputri protect in natural calamity, epidemic, and any adverse circumstance of life.


What is the name of 9 goddess of Navratri ?

There are 9 incarnations of Maa Durga that are Shaiputri, Brahmachrini, Chandraghanta, Kushmand, Skandmata, Katayani, Kaalratri, Mahagori, Siddhidatri.

Who is the husband of Maa Shailputri ?

Maa Shailputri who is the incarnation of Parvati, husband is Lord Shiva.

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