Enlighten Quotes by Indira Gandhi - Great Political Inspiration Wishes, Messages by Indira Gandhi

Published:Nov 17, 202320:01
Enlighten Quotes by Indira Gandhi - Great Political Inspiration Wishes, Messages by Indira Gandhi
Enlighten Quotes by Indira Gandhi

Short Introduction of Indira Gandhi : Former Prime Minister or Indian politician Indira Gandhi is leader of Indian National Congress who is famous with her dignity name “Woman of the Millennium”. She was 3rd famous Indian Prime Minister who served her contribution from 1966-77 in development of India. Indira was born on 19 November 1917 and also got death 31 October 1984. With her revolutionary decisions and extraordinary contributions she became the most famous women prime minister in world history. It was first time when maximum National Emergency were imposed in India in her worktime. She was mother of Rajiv Gandhi who was also 6th Prime Minister of India. She is also famous with Iron Lady of India because of her extraordinary decisions. So friends, today in this article we will know Indira Gandhi Wiki, Biography, Quotes, Inspirational Wishes, Messages, Sayings that will enlighten your political career forever.

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Some Hidden Facts about Indira Gandhi Biography

Leader NameIndira Gandhi
NicknameWoman of The Millennium
Born19 November 1917
Birth placePrayagraj
EducationVishav Bharthi University, Oxford University
ParentsJawahar Lal Nehru
Kamala Nehru
Zodiac SignScorpio
Boyfriend AffairsFeroze Gandhi
HobbiesCampaigning, Travelling
ChildrenRajiv Gandhi
AwardsBhart Ratna
Cause of DeathAssassination
MonumentsShakti Sthal

Indira Gandhi Enlighten Quotes, Messages on Politics

Popularity does not provide the guarantee of quality, it may be in worse and also in best.

Doesn't matter which party you belongs from, matters development of nation, that is motive of real power.

Either you can win or defeat in politics but it is not possible that you have lost everything forever.

The purpose of your life consisted in three things, who are you, where are you, and what place you want to go.

Winning and lost are the fundamental right of politics, if a person does not have gut to bear this then politics is worse thing.

Conflicts, debates, controversy are figure or politics, and who know to manufacture this figure well is good leader in politics.

Best optimistic hope in this world, is to living with positivity to win, however it may be late but not end in life.

Indira Gandhi Quotes on Life, Love, Relationship

  • There is no relationship in politics, sometimes it happens that you finish your own relation to help your nation.
  • Some people say that politics is a dirty game of world in which only dirty people exists but it is wrong notion, politics is game of educated, kind and social people where good leader contribute to make a nation.
  • It is a not game of one day that you will achieve anything in one day, it is constant effort that will provide you everything with time.
  • It may be possible that people will relate you defame, you will get depress everywhere you will go, but it is real life that is full of with challenges.
  • There is nothing in world, that may be worse it is only human thoughts that provide fragile decisions on your successive development.

Powerful Motivational Sayings, Status by Iron Lady of India

Environment conditions is not issue of developing countries, it is issue of developed nations because they have exploited it too much.

Don't disturb with outer world, a king can't disturb by small things.

If you can't manage you family members and their requirements then you also can't manage whole parliamentary also.

Failure means, you will make effort to get your aim, but circumstance and way was not in your favor, make own plan and way to achieve it.

There is too much difference in craze and interest, craze will disappear in five or seven days but interest live forever.

Vibrant Creative Quotes for Students by Indira Gandhi

  • Difference between theory exam and practical exam is only one, in theory you make plan with best, but in practical you make it worse.
  • A 50 word note page can not decide your life success, it depends only your guts to fight with world.
  • Every student should take challenge in life, it is great effort that make to achieve your aim.
  • You can't be silent, if you run try it, if you can't run try to walk, can't walk try to stand up, can't stand up try to sit.
  • Life is game of 70 to 80 years, play it, entertain it and worse it in better way, it is only your right how you enjoy it.

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