DIY Geode Napkin Rings for Your Special Day | Ideas and Inspiration for Every Occasion | Shutterfly

Published:Nov 17, 202319:35
DIY Geode Napkin Rings for Your Special Day | Ideas and Inspiration for Every Occasion | Shutterfly
DIY Geode Napkin Rings for Your Special Day | Ideas and Inspiration for Every Occasion | Shutterfly

Napkin rings give a beautiful touch to any wedding table decor or special occasion. If you’re thinking about creating your own table centerpieces, consider homemade napkin rings as well. Not only can you craft the perfect style, but you can personalize them with initials or names. 

Two geode napkin rings on a green background.
If you’re wondering how to make napkin rings, there are many simple ways to do so without breaking the bank. All you need are a few materials you can find online or at any craft store. Once you get started on your DIY napkin rings, you’ll notice they’re way easier than you think. The most difficult part is just waiting for them to dry, which can take a while. We used flat geode slices for ours but you can use any gem you’d like. Match these beauties with your personalized plates or table numbers for a cohesive look. 

How To Make Napkin Rings

In order to make these napkin rings, you’ll need to have a few items on hand before you get started. Colors are entirely up to you and you can mix and match if you’d like.


Materials to make napkin rings.

  • Wooden napkin rings
  • Metallic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Flat geode slices
  • Craft glue

Step 1: Take your wooden napkin ring and paint it with metallic paint. Set aside to dry. Note: You’ll need to apply several coats for an even finish. We did a total of three coats. 

Someone painting a wooden napkin ring gold. Step 2: Choose your favorite geode slice. Make sure it’s wide enough to cover half of the wooden ring. The beauty of these slices is that each one is uniquely shaped, which will make your rings extra special. 

A person holding a flat green geode slice.

Step 3: (Optional) Paint over the edges of the geode slice to give it a cohesive look. If you prefer a more rustic feel, you can leave it as is.  

Someone painting the edges of the geode slice. Step 4: Glue your slice directly on to the top of the wood. You can also use a glue gun if it’s easier for you. 

Someone gluing a flat geode to the top of a napkin ring.  Step 5: Slip a cloth napkin through it and enjoy your table setting. 

A green geode napkin ring.Now that you’ve seen this amazing napkin ring idea, which color will you choose? For a complete look, add personalized coasters to your table setting. 

A geode napkin ring next to photo coasters.It will not only wow your guests but these are keepsakes you can cherish for years to come and it’s even more valuable to know that it was made by you and made with love.  


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