Behrouz Sasani Wiki: Photographer, Weight, Age, Height, Website, Bio & More

Published:Nov 16, 202319:45
Behrouz Sasani Wiki: Photographer, Weight, Age, Height, Website, Bio & More

Behrouz Sasani Photographer Born in Tehran - Shahr-e Rey (1992/2/5), he has been photographing since he was 16 years old, and his activity in the field of photography is 12 years. Behrouz Sassani started his activity in 2007. He has a bachelor's degree in cultural affairs management.

Behrouz Sasani Photographer

Behrouz Sasani's field of activity is industrial photography, wedding photography, portrait photography, animal and nature photography, modeling photography, child photography, singer photography and concert photography, etc.

Participating in training courses and workshops in Tehran and other cities of Iran is one of his other activities and 14 workshops have been held by Behrouz Sasani.

Another activity of Behrouz Sasani is making a popular mobile photography training package that is presented and sold at 

he was interviewed on page bitter, business and export media b_titr_media.

So far, 140 concerts have been photographed by Behrouz Sasani.

Behrouz Sassani has also collaborated with famous Iranian singers such as Sirvan Khosravi, xaniar Khosravi, Amir Abbas Golab, Mahan Bahram Khan, Yasin Turki, Shahab Ramazan , Maziar Lashani, Emad Talebzadeh, Milad Babaei and actors including Mahour Alvand. 

Behrouz Sasani Photos

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