Beauty Khan Biography: Journey of a Social Media Influencer from Kolkata | Inspiring Story, Controversies, and Success

Published:Dec 11, 202300:22
Updated on:Dec 11, 2023
Beauty Khan Biography: Journey of a Social Media Influencer from Kolkata | Inspiring Story, Controversies, and Success
Beauty Khan Biography

Beauty Khan, originally Mamouda Khatun, was born on 18th March 1999 in Kolkata, West Bengal, into a Muslim family. Known as Dolly in her household, she is lovingly addressed as Beauty by her mother. From November 2023, Beauty Khan stands at 24 years and 8 months. She pursued her education at Phirogyo Memorial College and is presently pursuing M.Tech from the West Bengal University of Technology.

Beauty Khan with her pet dog

Family Details

Family Members Details
Mother Leading the family after her husband's demise
Siblings Two brothers and a married sister
Living Arrangement Brother resides with their grandmother

At the tender age of 7 months, Beauty Khan faced the loss of her father. Subsequently, her mother took responsibility for the family, living with her brother to support and raise the children. Jia Khan, Beauty Khan's sister, often appears in her videos.

Rise to Social Media Stardom

Beauty Khan and Arbaz Mallick

Beauty Khan gained immense popularity through her TikTok videos, amassing over 21 million followers before the platform was banned. After the ban, she diversified her content, sharing videos on Instagram, Moj, and YouTube. Her content primarily revolves around short videos showcasing lip-syncing and dance performances.

Physical Attributes

Description Details
Height 5.2 inches
Weight 49 grams
Skin Color Brown
Eye & Hair Color Black

Relationship and Professional Pursuits

Beauty Khan's association with fellow influencer Harbhaj Malik has garnered attention. The duo, also engaged in creating videos, met during a dance competition and developed a close friendship, rumored to have blossomed into a romantic relationship, though no official confirmation has been announced.

Career and Aspirations

Beauty Khan aims to venture into Bollywood as an actress and has ventured into music, releasing tracks like "Mahi Mera," "Lash," "Kolkata Ki Chhori," and "Jindigi." Her popularity translates into substantial earnings, primarily through brand promotions and endorsements.

Financial Achievements Details
Monthly Earnings Lakhs through various endorsements
Assets Owns a house and a 17 lakh car

Social Media Reach

Platform Followers/Subscribers
Instagram 10.2 million
Moj app 9.8 million
YouTube 869,000 subscribers

Personal Preferences

Favorites Details
Actor Salman Khan
Actress Shraddha Kapoor
Cricketer Mahinder Singh Dhoni
Influencer Mr. Faizu
Color Red and Black
Food Biryani
Interests Dance, Travel
Pet Owns a dog named Coco

Social Media Account

Email ID
Residence Address Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Instagram @cuty_beauty_khan
Facebook @beuty.khan.9887
Tik Tok @cutybeautykhan

Incidents and Controversies

An embarrassing video falsely attributed to Beauty Khan caused her significant trolling until she clarified it wasn’t her. Additionally, a wrong post led to the temporary shutdown of her TikTok account.

This encapsulates some intriguing aspects of Beauty Khan's life, showcasing her journey to fame and success in the realm of social media. If you enjoyed this glimpse into her life, don't forget to share, and subscribe for more content like this.

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