Happy Aura Awareness Day (2023) Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Theme to Share

Published:Nov 17, 202322:40
Happy Aura Awareness Day (2023) Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Theme to Share
How to Observe Global Aura Day|Global Aura Awareness Day Quotes||

Happy Aura Awareness Day: Every year Aura Awareness Day is observed on the Fourth Saturday of November month to aware people the universal energy Aura. Aura means a air or energy, basically this is a Latin word that uses for all living things that are alive on earth. All the living people are controlled a universal energy that is Aura however many people connects it's god, some people relate their universal power and so all. According to science it is the energy who enclose a living body with a universal colored emanation. As the spiritual theory consists that a man's aura describes it's health and hidden anatomy. To promote human health and energy this day first time was celebrated in 2002 by famous personality Cynthia Sue Larson. Besides it Charles Webster Lead beater who was a priest in a England church informed this significance word aura globally. So friends today is Aura Awareness Day, Wishes, Quotes, Theme, Greetings, Status, Posters, Slogans, Wallpapers and Status that you can share with your friends and close one's.

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Brief Key Highlights about Aura Awareness Day 2023

  • Event Name - Aura Awareness Day
  • Type- Awareness, Health
  • Observe Date- 4th Saturday of November
  • Significance- To raise awareness in living human beings about the universal energy, enclose human body
  • First Observation- 2002
  • Father of Day- Cynthia Sue Larson
  • Related books- Nuclear Evolution: The Rainbow Body, The Third Eye
  • Frequency- Annual

Global Aura Awareness Day Quotes

Global Aura Awareness Day Quotes

"Aura is enigmatic world where a person achieve the real ecstasy of life, it is the energy of reflection that enclose the human body. "

"An outstanding glowing contour surrounds the whole universe that also define the physical structure a human body that is known as Aura. Let's celebrate this day as the wonderful scientific day on Aura Awareness Day 2023."

"Let's know about the real anatomy and physiology of human body as the universal energy aura. This is the eternal light of human that fleshes every life. "

Happy Aura Awareness Day

"Every person go advance in life, but one thing is also advance in her whole lifetime that is known as the definition of Aura."

"Wish you all Warmth wishes s of Aura Awareness Day 2023, a day that consists and creates whole universe as the universal power. "

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How to Observe Global Aura Day

  1. Make some greetings, wishes about the aura and try to aware people about the day.
  2. Feeling the micro energy of Aura with meditation.
  3. Try to tell the importance of Aura with physical health.
  4. Organizing a Tea party to visual aura and sketches surrounding body to aware people.
  5. Try to implement aura and health benefits technique in hospitals and public health care.


How can people feel the Aura human human life ?

It is the concentration power that can be achieve by the regular meditation practices in human life.

Who is the father of Aura theory ?

Charles Webster Lead beater is the person who go advance in this meditation theory and popularize it globally.

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