April's Fools Day (2023) Quotes, Pranks, Wishes, Greetings, Messages, Wallpapers to Share

Published:Nov 17, 202322:44
April's Fools Day (2023) Quotes, Pranks, Wishes, Greetings, Messages, Wallpapers to Share
April's Fools Day|Scare Funny Prank Ideas|April's Fools Day quotes|April's Fools Day

100+ Funny April's Fools Day : Every year April's Fools Day is celebrated on the 01 April to cheers people by funny jokes and hoaxes. This is the annual celebration on which day people follow prank their friends and family one's with full chivalrous mood. A mass media messages and wallpapers wanders on social media accounts on this most funny day on Aprils Fool Day. Motive to celebrate Aprils Fool day is to aware people about the enjoyment and entertainment of life that is finished with today routine life. The way of commemoration of the day is different by region like as in UK people play prank games in noon, in Ireland people send the letters to their close ones by important authorities name and make them fool, in India people make fun with their friends with real fact and finally disclose the truth. So friends today in this article we will know about the Aprils Fool Day Wikipedia, History, Significance, Prank Fools Quotes, Funny Wishes, Funny Greetings, Wallpapers that you can share with your friends and close one's.

Aprils Fool Day 2023 Wiki History Facts

EventAprils Fool Day 2023
TypeFun, Joy
Observe date01 April
Observation byGlobally
Significancefunny way to jokes and hoaxes to make people fool with prank funny way in chivalrous mood
1st Observation1392
Officially recognized 1700s in UK
FounderGeoffrey Chaucer
Activitiescheers funny way with friends and close with jokes and prank, funny dancing

April's Fools Day (2023) Quotes

April's Fools Day  quotes
April Fool's Day text. EPS 10 vector illustration for greeting card, ad, promotion, poster, flyer, blog, article, marketing, signage - Vector Graphic
  • "Aprils Fools day is the time to be fool with each other, it is time to return in childhood life. Happy Aprils Fool Day 2023 Special."
  • "This is the day to spread love and affection, let's distribute some sweets and parcel to make more funny people."
  • "Aprils Fool day is dedicated to all lovers, this is the day to say I Love You to their princess if yes then cheers and if no then also chivalrous by April Fools. "
  • "April Fools Day is like the holiday for people who like to tell jokes but never get to."
  • "April Fools Day: a day of pranks, jokes, and laughter!"
  • "April showers bring May flowers, but April Fools is for laughs, not flowers."
  • "How innocent my father, he earns to much for family responsibility, and finally goes to heaven, relax Papaa with the whisky drops here is Aprils Fool Day 2023."
  • "No career, no worrier now only one barrier and that is I want to go on my favorite wine. Wish you all a Happy Aprils Fool Day 2023 forever."
  • "April Fools Day is the one day of the year where you can get away with telling lies and still be the good guy."
  • "April Fools Day: When all the world laughs with you and none of your jokes are taken seriously."
  • "April Fools Day is the day when everyone gets to be a comedian, even if you think you’re not good at it."
  • "April Fools Day: the day when everyone can feel like a kid again!"
  • "Today’s the day when you can fool everyone without consequence: April Fools Day!"
  • "April Fools Day: a day of pranks, laughter, and fun!"
  • "It's April Fools Day - time to get your prank on!"

Scare Funny Prank Ideas, Messages on Aprils Fool Day 2023

Scare Funny Prank Ideas
Happy April Fool's Day - a day of laughter and jokes. Fool's day calendar. 1 april fool's day
  • There is no importance how serious you are, importance only to eat and sleep in life. Happy Fools Day 2023 to all.
  • No is Senior and no is Junior in life, I only the owner my life and I enjoy this life with my all funny friends on April Fools Day 2023.
  • Everyone think that he has a respect in the people, scare person there are millions of persons who also lives with same idea.
  • Thirty years of life has gone to understand what to do in life, now remaining years 15 years my sleep and 15 also to understand who am I. Happy Aprils Fool Day 2023
  • My GF is the beautiful woman in my life but it is not truth there are millions of GF that are also beautiful.

Activities on Aprils Fool Day 2023 Special

  • Target your funny friend to prank them with funny text messages and social media gif, vlogs.
  • Try to call them on their favorite destination and when they reached there say text message Aprils Fool Day.
  • Give a picnic tour your Girlfriend to her favorite malls for shopping purpose and don't expenditure one rupee on her....by saying April Fool Prank.
  • Be serious with the UPSC books in front your parent, after some time read the book, How I get Heaven after death.

30+ Funny April's Fools Day Pranks Ideas

April's Fools Day
  1. Put a "Kick Me" sign on your friend's back.
  2. Put a toy spider in their cereal bowl.
  3. Hide a whoopie cushion in their seat.
  4. Put a plastic wrap over their toilet seat.
  5. Change their desktop background to something silly.
  6. Put googly eyes on their computer.
  7. Put clear tape over the sensors on their mouse.
  8. Change the language settings on their phone.
  9. Put jelly beans in their shampoo bottle.
  10. Put a fake parking ticket on their windshield.
  11. Change the passwords on their computer.
  12. Put a rubber band around the shower head.
  13. Fill their room with balloons.
  14. Put a sign on their door saying “Beware of Zombies.”
  15. Put a fake spider in their shoe.
  16. Put a post-it note on their forehead.
  17. Put a plastic snake in their mailbox.
  18. Put a sign on the front lawn that says “Free Puppies.”
  19. Cover their car with post-it notes.
  20. Put plastic wrap over their doorknob.
  21. on their bedroom window.
  22. Cover the toilet seat with saran wrap.
  23. Put a “Caution” sign in their kitchen.
  24. Put a “No Soliciting” sign on their mailbox.
  25. Put a “Dead End” sign on their garage door.
  26. Put a “Danger” sign on their front door.
  27. Put a “No Swimming” sign in their pool.
  28. Put a “No Fishing” sign in their pond.
  29. Put a “Wet Paint” sign on their furniture.
  30. Put a “Do Not Enter” sign on their closet.
  31. Put a “No Shoes” sign on their porch.
  32. Put a “Wrong Way” sign on their stairs.
  33. Put a “No Smoking” sign on their balcony.
  34. Put a “Do Not Touch” sign on their TV.
  35. Put a “No Littering” sign on their lawn.


Why people celebrate Aprils Fool Day every year ?

This is the funny prank day that entertains people with each other also release their daily life tense for few moments.

When was first time Aprils Fool day was celebrated ?

Geoffrey Chaucer was the first person who writes the line “March 32” in his book, potentially birthing April Fools' Day.

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