21 Best Gift Ideas For Your First Date

Published:Nov 17, 202316:35
21 Best Gift Ideas For Your First Date
Best Gift Ideas

Bringing a gift on the first can be a great idea. The key is to choose according to the personality of the person you are going on a date with and when you do not know them, choose based on your personality. 

For Someone you know Already:

1. Simple and Elegant

If your date is someone who likes plain and simple things and has an elegant personality, a scarf is a great gift option. It does not seem too much and also conveys simplicity.

2. Shades

For someone cool, funky, and chilled out, a nice pair of shades makes an excellent gift. It just does not have to be black or brown shades, you can choose a color based on their personality. And when in doubt, Black always comes to the rescue.

3. Jewelry

A nice piece of earrings, necklace, anklet, or bracelet might be a good choice. Since you already know the other person, you can go a little extra mile and maybe gift them a whole jewelry set. But make sure that it’s simple with thin chains. That looks fantastic on girls.

4. Some Customized Gift 

Customized items such as printed mugs, pillows, and t-shirts of your pictures together are a great gift for someone you already know. Also, it serves as a good reminder of all the happy times that you guys have spent together. Brings out a sweet and nice feeling. 

5. Books

If your date is an avid reader (and there are plenty of such people out there!), gift them their favorite genres. Nothing pleases a reader as a book does. But make sure you match it with their area of interest or if you are not sure, pick a bestseller in either fiction or non-fiction. 

6. Perfume

For someone you know, perfume makes a good gift choice. Either you are already familiar with their taste or if not, just pick a good one that’s accepted generally. A quick google search goes a long way. 

7. Handbag

Amazing choice! You can also choose them based on the personality of the person. It can be a handmade artistic bag or a classy branded sling, whatever you think will go with the personality of the other person. And it works like magic every single time.

8. Wallet

A great option to give to boys. Classy, Trendy, Simple, and Elegant.

9. Belt

Makes a great gift choice for boys. However, women also love fancy belts. 

Check out the link below:

10. Chocolates and Flowers

This never goes out of season. Pick their favorite chocolate and mix that up with a nice bunch of flowers. Or even better, get them a chocolate bouquet. Works like magic. 

11. Plant

I was once sitting in a café and a guy brought a plant for her girl. At first, I thought it is a poor choice. But later I found that girl was crazy about the environment and it made the best gift for her. She kept touching and looking at it. 

For Someone you are meeting for the first time:

12. Chocolates

This never goes out of season. Something as simple as Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk can bring a smile to your date’s face.

13. Flowers

Quick Tip: If you want to look romantic, take a single flower but if you want to come across as nice, take a bouquet. 

14. A beautiful Bottle/Tumbler

Make sure that it has a note or a sticker saying Stay Hydrated! This portrays a very caring personality on your part and stands out as a unique gift option. Make sure it’s pretty looking. Buy a good quality one. Otherwise, it would be a bad gift idea. 

15. Buddha

A small statue of Buddha symbolizing peace makes a great gift. If you are a believer in peace and spirituality, you can take this and the reaction will help you assess if the other person is compatible with you. 

16. Set of 3 Plain Simple Colorful T-shirts

Do not experiment with the design. Take three simple, plain colors. It can be worn both indoors and outdoor. Brand Suggestion: Go for SYMBOL by Amazon. Great quality at a reasonable price. 

17. A Handwritten Note + Chocolate

Give it at the end. That is the trick! A note saying, ‘It was nice meeting you. Let’s do this again? (If you want to) along with chocolate stands out as the best gift option for a first date. Handwritten notes carry magic that no other gift option has.

18. Jewelry 

Take either one of these four things: Bracelet, Anklet, Earrings, Neck Chain. Since you are meeting the person for the first time, do not take them all. Just carry one of them.

19. Fridge Magnets

A great souvenir. And plenty of options available: Choose a nice fun quote. Always works.

20. Diary

A beautiful diary makes a great gift even for boys. One of my male friends received it from a girl and he loved it. It was surprising to me but boys love this as much as girls do. 

21. Mugs

Again, a great souvenir. Choose one with a nice morning message. Always works. 


If you are not sure which the other person would like. Decide based on what you like the most out of these. It would also help you gauge your compatibility with the other person and if not, it can be used as a great topic for conversation to unfold what they actually would have liked. (And surprise them with that the next time!) 

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