About World Environment Day

Published:Nov 17, 202322:17
About World Environment Day
World environment day 2019

An initiative, which first took place in the year 1974 by the United Nations, has seen its significance grow due to the deteriorated environment in today’s time.

The day is celebrated every year on 5th June as a principal weapon for awareness against environmental issues which include marine pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, human overpopulation, global warming, and sustainable development. 

Each year, the world environment day is celebrated with a new theme that is adopted by the organizations and people to address environmental issues.

“Air pollution” is the theme for the year 2019 and the day will be hosted by China. China has come a long way in its battle with air pollution and the Asian giants have controlled and reduced air pollution through measures implemented sensibly and successfully which were largely based on shifting from coal consumption of other cleaner non-conventional energy sources. The Chinese government banned the use of coal consumption in many states and reduced its consumption by 50%. There have been reports claiming the particulates causing pollution to be 54% lesser in 2018 than in the year 2016.

China is the flag bearer against air pollution has earned the right to host the event.

The prime motive behind the celebration of the day is to raise awareness and concern regarding the effects of our day to day activities on the environment.

By the year 2050, the earth will be home to around 100 tons of plastic waste; it’s a challenge for the upcoming generations, a demon which we have created for ourselves.

What remains to be the only good thing about the situation is that it is our upcoming generation which can cure the evil once and for all. Modern technologies accompanied by a sense of responsibility and awareness can do wonders in combating pollution and other environmental issues. The solution need not be as skeptical as the Chinese government came up with rather; it can be as small as recycling, bio-degradable wastes and reducing the use of plastic.

What’s surprising and disturbing at the same time is the fact that most of the people are well aware of the harm caused by the largest contributor in this cause, i.e. Plastic and yet they keep on consuming the same material. A complete check on the use of plastic is hard to achieve keeping in mind the status and efficiency of the product in our daily lives, but there should be a restriction on the usage allowing it to be consumed in extremely relevant and essential situations.

Plastic is an organic material and non-biodegradable, which is largely why its usage is discouraged; there are other varieties of plastic which are equally 

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