What's the Best Game to Start Gamble With?

Published:Nov 17, 202312:40
What's the Best Game to Start Gamble With?
What's the Best Game to Start Gamble With|Live Casino||The games at Jetwin

Description: This article contains relevant information for newcomers who cannot decide which game to choose when they start out. 

Online Casino 

Casino games, and especially online casino games, are now very varied and the amount of them is quite astounding. Very often beginners ask the question, how to play at an online casino and which game to start with?  Since it would be a shame to lose the whole amount, not even having tasted the joy of the first win.

Roulette Online

The most profitable game at the casino. Especially European roulette. It has 36 numbers and 1 zero, unlike American roulette, which has 2 zeros. The casino advantage in European Roulette is 2.7%.  Pretty simple rules of the game and a system that will not let you make a mistake in the game. 

But in the short range the fortune can bring the player a rather big win. Using roulette strategies increases the player's odds on small distances. They are less effective over longer distances. But on the other hand, one isn't going to play roulette online indefinitely.

The aim of the player is to win, and that's where it's quite possible. 

Slot machines

Usually, casino games such as slots are set up to give out winnings between 96 and 98%. Many of them feature lucrative games or bonuses, risk doubling games and other jackpots. Here the rules are very simple and do not require supernatural knowledge, so these games online casinos recommend for beginners. But it is not necessary from the very beginning to play at high stakes. It is better to begin to study the machine, and then decide whether it is possible to risk a large sum of money.

Playing slot machines is very contagious. You can both win and lose here. But whatever the case, a positive charge and a good mood are simply guaranteed.

Blackjack Online

The game is one of those casino games that require experience and skill. The casino's odds are 0.45 or 0.5%, and with a little bit of skill, it can even be on the player's side. However, in order to play at such a high enough level, you need theoretical knowledge and a long time of practice. There are many types of blackjack today. Even the smallest differences in the rules can make a big difference to the initial results, making a successful game a loss.

Very often the game is very profitable for professionals, but for beginners it's best not to bet heavily.



You can also play video poker or poker with a dealer at an online casino. The game of poker in a casino should not be confused with online poker in poker rooms where the opponents are not an institution but players just like you. Poker is a game that will require some skill. If you make mistakes in the game, losing is simply inevitable. But if you play poker correctly, you can often win very good money.

Beginners should learn winning strategies, rules and practice with free games or small stakes before getting started.


The advantage of this game is that only 1.06% in bets on the banker, when 1.24% in bets on the player. This rule only works when played correctly. Baccarat requires certain skills, experience and mastery. Beginners are better off starting with the lowest stakes.


Beginners should only practice with "basic" bets in the beginning. In that case, there will be a 45.5% chance of winning, but the odds, to be honest, will not be great either. But it is a good opportunity to get experience, which later will help easily move to risky bets with higher profit percentages.

Which Online Casino to Choose?

Once you've decided which game you want to play, it's time to start thinking about the platform you want to play. The leader of all online casinos in Bangladesh is Jetwin Casino. If you choose this site, it will constantly support you, provide guidance and offer the best conditions. The platform started its operation in 2017 and in that time it has managed to attract a large number of players due to its good treatment of players. 

License and Security

For those who are concerned about the issue of security and legality, you can rest easy. Jetwin Online is officially licensed by Curacao. It entitles the site to provide gambling absolutely legally. You will never be cheated. 

If you are concerned about the safety of your personal data and bank details. You can rest assured that with the 256 bit ssl encryption you will never fail. Moreover, the site uses highly advanced anti-virus software to prevent any attempts of data theft by viruses. 

The games at Jetwin

The games at Jetwin

The diverse lobby is sure to please all players. The developers are constantly improving the content and adding new features. Jetwin casino consists of 1000+ different games divided into categories. The platform works only with verified and popular software providers. This gives the assurance of excellent game functionality. 

In addition, once you start playing, you'll be surprised by the excellent interface and design. 

At Jetwin, you will find the following categories.


The excellent collection of slots will amaze any Bengali player. One rule in the games is the spinning of the reels. You need to beat the winning combinations. Slots differ from each other in terms of paylines, a factor you need to pay attention to. You also need to consider the volatility. 

If you are not sure whether to play the slots for real money, you can always use the demo version, which gives the right to free play. With its help, you can decide on the strategy and the rules. 

The Slots category contains subcategories: 

  • Popular;
  • The most popular;
  • Classic Slots; 
  • Win big;
  • New Games ;
  • Games for fun.

Board Games 

These are classics that are known all over the world. The rules do not change from one country to another. So you can play comfortably and not worry about any differences in the rules. Here you can find the following categories: 

  • The most popular;
  • Roulette;
  • Numerical games;
  • Blackjack;
  • Poker;
  • Baccarat and more. 

Electronic Games

The category is suitable for those who are not sure what they like more - arcade or slots. You can find games that combine these two genres. Popular categories: 

  • Arcade;
  • Shoot the fish;
  • Popular;
  • New Games;
  • A game for fun. 

Live Casino

Live Casino

This category at Jetwin is designed for experienced players. Those who aren't afraid to find themselves at the same table as their opponents live. They are also the choice of people who have enjoyed playing at land-based casinos in the past. Live casino games at Jetwin have all the same rules but offer a wide selection of games for your entertainment. There are always live dealers with you in the game. They keep a close eye on the action, making the game even more exciting. 


Read, research and learn all about the games you are interested in. Thoroughly think through strategies and moves and then you're sure to be satisfied with the process and be able to earn real money. Do not leave out choosing a reliable online casino in the future. Do it right now. And then you can safely spend your free time. 

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