What is ICEGATE - An Overview of the Registration Process and Benefits

Published:Nov 17, 202309:55
What is ICEGATE - An Overview of the Registration Process and Benefits

ICEGATE stands for Indian Customs Electronic gateway which is the national portal of the central board of indirect taxes. It happens to be an online portal, where the customs department provides e- filing services, to cargo carriers, importers, exporters, and other partners in an electronic manner. This is known to ease the custom clearing process, facilitating EXIM trade. 

Apart from online applications ICEGATE will provide information on various aspects related to reporting compliance tips or guides for exporters, shipping bills and measures taken by the government. The linking of the portal is seen with the multiple partner agencies that include the Reserve Bank of India, nationalized banks along with the director general of foreign trade among others. 

The step- by step process of registration 

For filing shopping bills and other related export documents, it is mandatory for you to register with ICEGATE and you need to have an Id. With the launch of this portal, the customer department has made registration easy and a simple task. The documents that are necessary for ICEGATE registration are as follows: 

  • IEC 
  • National identity proof, like an Aadhar card, passport and voter ID 
  • Export license 

Apart from the above registration documents, it all depends upon the category of your registration. (This includes the custom broker, shipping agent, and IEC holder) you may have to submit a list of additional documents. 

The services provided by ICEGATE 

With ICEGATE, you can extend support to the customs department, for supporting exporters or importers in the application and obtaining bills of entry, shipping bills etc. All of them are important in the process of export before you go on to ship products from India. The key services that are provided are as follows 

  • E-filing of bill of entry and shipping bills 
  • E-payment of customs duty 
  • Common signer utility for signing all the custom documents 
  • The document status is to be tracked by using customs electronic data exchange 
  • For exporters the 24-hour desk facility 
  • Through e-Sanchit portal submission of the necessary set of documents. 
  • Electronic IGST fund 
  • Verification of DES and DEPB online 

 How to register with ICEGATE? 

For ICEGATE registration you need to comply with the below-mentioned steps: 

Step 1- You need to log in to the site and sign up as a new user. 

Step 2 -. For the category that you need to register you have to make a choice. 

Step 3 - Based on the application form incorporate the necessary details for completing the registration form. 

Step 4 - The necessary documents are to be uploaded in JPEG or PDF form as suggested. 

Step 5 - Then you need to form your ICEGATE ID and password. A couple of OTPs will be generated and they would be sent across to your registered mobile number or email id. You need to enter the OTPS and authenticate the transaction. 

Step 6 - Verify the essential details and complete the transaction. 

The moment you register with ICEGATE you may get custom clearance along with other shipping bills from the website or hassle-free exports of your products. 

The process of exporting goods from India 

Amazon Global selling happens to be an eCommerce exporting platform that provides an opportunity for the local business of India to market their products to global markets. There is no longer to set up a new store or a warehouse abroad, which is going to make the export journey easy. The platform provides you with easy online registration, makes product listing easy and seamless international tools to support you along with your business. 

Just you need to decide where you are planning to sell, obtain the required export documents and begin the process of selling. The moment you register on Amazon you have an opportunity of shipping your products to 200+ countries and in the bargain reach out to 3000+ million customers. 

The other fundamentals associated with ICEGATE 

An F-card holder or an import export code and in the case of the former he should have cleared the custom broker exam and can register in this website. It is mandatory to register on this platform since the exporters require custom clearance and related documents before you are shipping from India. A point to consider is that once you have made the id it is not possible to alter or change it in any way. 

The main objective why this was launched is to help exporters, cargo carriers and other partners help in the easy filing of export documents and other forms in an electronic manner. The utility is immense when it comes to the customs department as it helps in the filing of documents and other related activities. So, it is evident that the utility of the document is at an immense level. 

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