We’re Dreaming of a Pink Christmas With These $3 Mini Pink Trees at Target

Published:Nov 17, 202319:34
We’re Dreaming of a Pink Christmas With These $3 Mini Pink Trees at Target
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As the Christmas season nears, we're noticing that more and more people seem to be shying away from chopping down their own firs, and instead are opting for artifical trees. And they're not just pining for green faux ones, either—in fact, rainbow colored trees are getting some major love. But one color has really been giving us heart eyes: pink. Search volume for pink christmas trees is up 125 percent this holiday season and we're not complaining. We’ve all clearly got a little Elle Woods inside of us.

But let's be real, bringing a pink tree into your home is a bold move and may not be ideal for many families. Perhaps your partner hates the color, or you have little ones and don’t want them to miss out on having a traditional-styled tree to decorate. Committing to a full-sized one might be not realistic for you, but that doesn't mean you still can't get your pink on this Christmas: Target is currently selling tiny pink Christmas trees—in their beloved dollar section! Now you can have all the fun, sassy pink trees you want, just in a smaller size.

The trees are sold for $3, according to @targetmamis on Instagram, and are perfect for your work desk, bedroom, living room, or wherever your wild heart desires. Basically, if you're on the edge about getting a full-sized pink tree, this stylish steal was made for you.

And despite their untraditional hue, these trees pair wonderfully with classic red and green ornaments. In terms of decorating these little guys, these festive plant baubles are sure to do the trick. Finally, it's the pink tree you’ve always wanted, just in a smaller (still very Instagram-worthy) size.

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