Warmth Wishes, Greetings National (Indian) Friendship Day (06 August 2023) - Live Up Unforgettable Friendship with Special Quotes, Status

Published:Nov 17, 202320:02
Updated on:Nov 17, 2023
Warmth Wishes, Greetings National (Indian) Friendship Day (06 August 2023) - Live Up Unforgettable Friendship with Special Quotes, Status

Happy Friendship Day 2023 Special : Every year National Friendship day is celebrated on First Sunday of August and this year this special day falls on 06 August to remember pride moments that one's passed with one's cute friends. This is the amazing day that live up some ecstasy moments, joy, cheerful moments to build up close relations globally with eternal affection to enhance harmony and silence everywhere in world. It is only friendship where hearts conglomerate because of dedication with each other and caring. One person who can share all and everything one's life memories that is only your friend, however it is not necessary that it will be your school friend or office colleagues, it may be also your brother, sister, father and mother, boyfriend, girlfriend etc. Human nature depends on heart's vibes, to connect one heart to another then real friendship emerges. First time this special day was founded by Hallmark in 1919 but the first time proposed by Ramon Artmio Bracho with a memorable party that was the foundation of this special day in Paraguay. So friends, today in this article we will know about National Friendship Day 2023 Wishes, Quotes, History, Significance, Theme, Greetings, Emotional Messages, Heart Touching Status, Facebook Status, Instagram Reel that you can share with your beloved forever.

Know Important Facts about National Friendship Day 2023

Event National Friendship Day 2023
Type Friendship, Event
Date 1st Sunday of August
Observed by India
Significance to promote friendship and reconciliation among people, countries, and cultures to foster peace and harmony
Frequency Annual
Founders Hallmark
Activities on Day Friends party, exchange of gifts, street festival
Attendance Population 20-30 million
Hashtags of Day #nationalfrienshipday2023

Why We Celebrate National Friendship Day (2023) Annually ?

Motive to celebrate this special day is only to promote peace and harmony everywhere in world. Today generation are stressed with daily life, routine same habitual work so it is the day that serves reminder of cherish for few moments. Globally it is a effort to enhance friendship relation to connect world with a harmony and non forgettable relations. There are many sources that informs that friendship relations are indication of love and appreciation so to connect a healthy and wealthy gratitude and companionship this day help globally, and it is the greatest effort to build up relation with each other.

Heart Touching National Friendship Quotes Wishes for Her or Him

I can't explain your priceless value in my life, but I feel pride that I have passed my golden moments with you. Happy National Friendship Day 2023.

Sometimes, life stands on a stage where words can't express feelings but heart want to say a long unforgettable history of love.

You make every day brighter with your presence, and your love gives me the strength to face any challenge life throws at us.

On occasion of National Friendship day 2023, you achieve your dream, pride, dignity that you wanna in your heart.

It was our fortune that you are my friend, I salute my all friends to on this special day of Yaarana forever.

Special National Friendship Day (2023) Love Messages for Girl

Sparkling lights, warmth comfort and beautiful smile all and everything that I look consisted in your flourishing smile. Love You Friendship Day 2023.

A universal smile that can melt a cheerful heart forever that is your facial expression.

It is dedication of million of hearts for you and I feel this wonderful pride that you are my pride. Happy Friendship Day 2023 forever.

A gold of kindness and compassion that everlasting shines as a magic moment that is your heart. Wish you cheerful and joyful friendship day.

You are inspiration of my heart and dreams, you are wonderful comfort of my life. Happy Friendship Day my biggest Life supporter and confident.

Amazing Activities on National Friendship Day 2023

There is no doubt that your friends are wonderful gifts to this wondaful relationship nature, so celebrate this special day to connect a heart to some unknown friends that are innocents and looking your face as a divine. Here are some amazing activities that you can do on this special National Friendship Day 2023 like as-

Make a Party with Homeless Street Children- There are millions of children that are begging on roadside and want to seeking a hope of ray that help them to avoid child labor. So dedicate this day with your friends on that place to feed them some sweets and provide some clothes.

Host a Party Old Friends- Our friends also change with our profession and working place, however they can't replace your close friends but it is specials time to invite your old schools and college friends to host party.

Exchange gifts with each other- On the specials day you can offer some heart touching gifts with your beloved friends. It will be amazing moment when you will surprise them with your wonderful dream gift.

Global Connectivity- For a strong and close relation it is necessary that we spread affection and good will everywhere in world, so many social media campaigns and slogans we can share to build up relation.


On which date National Friendship Day falls in 2023 ?

06 August 2023

What is Theme National Friendship Day 2023 ?

There is no specific theme on this special day but motive to celebrate this day to improve relation with each other and enhance harmony and silence globally.

On Which Date National Friendship Day is celebrated in India ?

1st Sunday of August month.

On which date Singapore and South Africa celebrate Friendship Day ?

16 April

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