Are VIP Schemes banned from UK Slots Sites? 

Published:Nov 17, 202312:31
Are VIP Schemes banned from UK Slots Sites? 
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VIP schemes are not exclusive to slots online UK casinos and are run elsewhere in society as well. Some casinos claim that it is random how VIP customers are chosen, but the truth is that the chosen few must meet certain criteria and spend a lot of money on site. The amount spent by individuals is the biggest factor in becoming a VIP. 

VIP Concerns 

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The problem here is that once a customer becomes a VIP, they can feel pressured in maintaining high spending on site, whether they can or can’t afford to do so. This is mainly because they want to continue to receive the perks that come with VIP status, such as regular gifts of free spins, bonus cash, and VIP tickets to exclusive events. 

Even though being given VIP status is a way of a slot site thanking individuals for their custom, these VIP customers must maintain their spending whilst being VIP customers, otherwise, they will quickly become regular customers once more. Therefore, it can be argued that VIP schemes encourage irresponsible gambling behaviour. 

Rule Changes 

Pressure from charities and politicians has recently forced the UK Gambling Commission to reassess the entire ethos of slot site VIP schemes. This is because research has concluded that this status can lead to gambling addiction and debt. Therefore, changes to casino VIP schemes have been brought in amongst a wave of recent law changes that include the banning of gambling with credit cards, and the lowering of the maximum bet from £200 to £2 at fixed-odds betting terminals. 

VIP Changes: A Closer Look 

Not long ago, anyone could become a VIP customer at a slot site, if they were of legal age to gamble and had passed all safety checks needed before their accounts went live. However, in the present gambling arena where more rules than ever are being tightened, only those who are 25 years of age or older can now become VIP customers. This means that anyone under 25 cannot be given VIP status, even if they are mega spenders. 

Whether this prevents younger adults from overspending whilst gambling remains to be seen. Many would like the UK Gambling Commission to confine VIP customer status to history, just like they have done with credit card gambling. 

For those over 25, becoming VIP customers will no longer be plain sailing. Those invited will have to pass certain checks that have also been introduced by the UK Gambling Commission, and they will have to prove that they can afford to maintain a level of spending without falling into debt. 

Future Prospects 

Recent UK Gambling Commission research has unveiled some interesting facts about VIP customers. Even though only 2% of customers are VIPs at 9 of the biggest slot sites in the UK, they are behind 83% of all deposits. So surely a complete ban on VIP schemes is the only real way of protecting customers. For now, though, tighter rules and a ban on those under the age of 25 becoming VIP customers will have to do, but many think this does not go far enough and more changes will be forced on the industry in the near future.

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