Top Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Man According to His Personality

Published:Nov 17, 202316:36
Top Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Man According to His Personality
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Choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your man is not an easy job. At times, it might seem almost impossible to find something captivating yet valuable for the man who lights up your whole world. The trick is to look for Valentine’s Day gifts according to their personalities. 

This year, why not think a little outside the box! We have tried to make things easy for you by curating a list of top gift options for your darling. Without further ado, dig into our list.

Nature Lover/Beauty Admirer

Nature Lover/Beauty Admirer
Source: FNP

Flowers have been associated with the feminine gender for a long time. A lot of people still believe that flowers are an appropriate gift option for women only. But if your man is all about breaking age-old gender stereotypes, send him a bouquet of flowers. Make his heart bloom with a bouquet of fresh, fragrant flowers that you can order from India’s best gifting platform i.e. FNP.  

From roses to orchids and from tulips to lilies and exotic flowers, you will discover a wide range of blooms that are available in vibrant hues, where each colour indicates a different emotion. 

Moreover, you will also find flowers in different stunning arrangements. While bouquets are pretty common, you will also find magical blossoms in vases, boxes, and captivating patterns. 


Source: amazon

Does your man always seem impressed with little things? If yes, personalised gifts will be memorable and cherishable for him. Oye Happy lets you customise various objects with the name or image of the love of your life. Whether it’s a personalised water bottle or lampshade, he will be highly impressed. 


If your man is your staunchest supporter and harshest critic, chocolates as gifts cannot go wrong! The sweet delights will convey your love and affection like no other. You will be able to order chocolates from different brands for the man of your dreams. In fact, the special collection of chocolate boxes from CocoCart comes with special messages like “I Love You.”

Dessert Connoisseur 

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to indulge in sweet treats, and if your partner is a dessert connoisseur, nothing says "I love you" quite like a decadent cake. Whether it's a classic red velvet or a more creative flavor combination, a homemade cake is a thoughtful and delicious gift that is sure to be appreciated. If you're not confident in your baking skills, you could also consider ordering a custom cake from FNP Cakes which offers a variety of flavoured cakes for every festival and all major occasions.. The options are endless, from a traditional buttercream to more experimental flavors like matcha or lavender. To make it more romantic you can even customize it with a message or design that has special meaning to your loved one. For an extra touch, you can accompany it with a bottle of sparkling wine or a box of chocolates, and make an evening of it. A perfect way to show love and appreciation on this special day.

Personal Care

Does your bae fit into the definition of an alpha male? If so, he is deeply into cleanliness and self-grooming. Get a grooming kit from Flipkart and let your man stay on top of his game. Whether it’s a post-workout shower or him getting ready for work, the grooming kit will help him stay fresh and confident. 

Health Enthusiast

Is your man a fitness freak? Does he wake up every morning and hit the gym or go to the park for a long run? If yes, he will be extremely grateful for a pair of running shoes. You will come across an amazing collection of running shoes on Flipkart. The shades and designs are perfect, and the shoes are utterly comfortable. The best part is that your man will be able to flaunt the running shoes at a party or wear it on your date night. 

Music Lover

Source: flipkart

Is your boyfriend an ardent fan of music? Is he always dedicating beautiful songs to you and putting a smile on your face? If so, BlueTooth headphones are an appropriate gift. 

Whether he is working out or trying to concentrate on a work assignment, Bluetooth headphones will help him. On Amazon, you will come across high-quality Bluetooth earphones from top brands. 


Is your partner a voracious reader? Does he seem to have a creative side that makes him scribble poems or stories from time to time? If yes, he will love nothing more than books and stationery. 

On Amazon, you will come across paperbacks and hardcovers in different categories. If your man is a fan of e-books, you can also get Kindle copies. Whether he loves crime novels or non-fiction books, you will find it all on Amazon. You will also come across various poetry books from top writers across the globe. 

Furthermore, the stationery collection on Amazon is pretty outstanding. From notebooks to exquisite pens, your man will love it all. The stationery items will spark the creative side of your man and make him write more. 

Wrapping Up

Gift-giving lies at the core of Valentine’s Day celebrations. So no matter how difficult it is to find the right Valentine’s Day gifts for men, the day never seems to be complete without doing something special for him. Hopefully, the list of products on our list will put an end to your efforts in trying to brainstorm unconventional gift ideas for your special man.

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