Top 5 Manga Reader Mobile Apps to read in 2022

Published:Nov 17, 202312:34
Top 5 Manga Reader Mobile Apps to read in 2022
Top 5 Manga Reader Mobile Apps to read in 2022|||||

For many people, entertainment options are available in different styles and formats, satisfying everyone’s taste in their way. Among the options, manga is one of the most popular types of content many people focus on. Here, you will learn about it in a more detailed manner, including learning what Manga Reader App types are available.

What is the Manga Reader Mobile app?

Platforms containing a wide range of manga comics are available in native application formats and as online readers. Through these apps, people can find and read various animated Japanese comics, varying in genres and storylines. These apps include translated content for easier consumption on a global level due to the growing worldwide popularity of manga and anime recently. 

What is Manga?

Manga refers to Japanese graphic novels or comics, the name coming from the conjoining of two terms- 'man' (whimsical) and 'ga' (pictures). It was originally developed around the later part of the nineteenth century, and the type holds some inspiration from traditional Japanese art. 

Manga is generally consumed as entertaining stories globally at this time and is suitable for diverse ages and ethnicities. So, 'animation' is closely linked to manga, this comic type is not limited to young audiences only.

Top Five Online Manga Reader Mobile App

Multiple types of online manga reader apps are available for people to find and read different types of manga content easily and quickly. Here are the top 5 ones that global users can access. 

  1. Shonen Jump

Shonen Jump is a top choice for manga reading mobile app that is available for iOS and Android users. It contains a comprehensive list of top manga titles, like My Hero Academia and Dragon Ball Super. All are published for free alongside the Japan-based release schedule. 

Shonen Jump

New chapters are updated per week, and it consistently provides new titles as well for users to enjoy. As for the paid content in the app, you can see a short preview of each too. 


  • Users can download the manga content. 
  • Over 10,000 chapters of manga titles are available. 
  • Low subscription plan cost, starting at USD 1.99 each month.
  • Get a free trial period of 7 days before subscribing.

Download Links:

  1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a Top Manga Reader Apps Android and iOS users utilize to find and read a wide range of manga content. Originally for anime fans, it does offer readers many manga titles to read. You can access many of them for free. However, getting a paid plan is important for access to the latest updates and full content. 


As a subscribed member, you would get access to many benefits like a diverse library list of manga content. 


  • Access the full series catalog as a premium user. 
  • Swipe-scroll navigation for easier content browsing and reading. 
  • Koma-view is available for the full scaling for each panel. 
  • Wide collection of original and popular Japanese manga.

Download Links:


VIZ Manga is one of the best manga reader apps available that features a wide selection of manga titles and high-quality features as well. They are all translated into English format quickly and available for global users. 


Plus, it is easy to download manga stories for offline reading here. If getting an internet connection is a problem, this is a suitable solution. You can also read content in double-page or single-page format and customize settings like brightness, zoom, etc. 


  • Users can Bookmark the content they are reading.  
  • The app allows customization, like viewing preferences, reading side options, etc. 
  • If automatic backups do not happen, you will get alerts. 
  • Interest-based categorization like drama, dystopian, martial arts, etc. 

Download Links:

  1. Manga Plus

Manga Plus is an app that is created with the support of Shueisha, a notable manga publisher in Japan. Thus, it is the official platform for the diverse Shueisha content and includes many manga titles here. Besides that, titles from other companies are also published here. 

Manga Plus

Users can find all titles for free here. However, they can only read the first 3 chapters and the latest 3 chapters of any series. So, if you are looking to find a place to read the full series, this is not the right one. It is the best option for the latest updated content specifically. 


  • Quick updates of manga chapters are available. 
  • Real-time alerts on new updates as push notifications.
  • All titles are free to access.
  • Available in multiple translations/languages like English and Spanish. 

Download Links:

  1. ComiXology

ComiXology is a suitable Manga Reader App iOS users would appreciate as much as the Android users due to the vast library of content here. Indeed, there are more than 200,000 types of graphic novels and manga available here, including North American comics.

People who want to read their comics and manga on Kindle devices can do so using this platform. Plus, subscribed users would get additional perks, like additional titles at a low cost. 


  • Japanese manga and other regional content are available, like The Walking Dead. 
  • Over 200,000 graphics novels, comics, and manga are present. 
  • Guided view for easier readability across different device types.
  • Some titles are available in either only digital format or the opposite. 

Download Links:

Final Opinion

Overall, all of the apps that are mentioned have a high-quality content library, simple usability, and allow free access to many manga chapters. However, in terms of advanced benefits, VIZ Manga would be our top choice among these. It is simple to customize, many titles are free for users to read, and one can read the preview of premium content as well. For your own reading experience, you can try this app out or choose one of the others, depending on your preference.


What is the best app to read manga for free?

Manga Plus is a suitable option for free manga content among the different types of apps available for reading manga.

Where can I read manga legally app?

Certain apps like VIZ MANGA and Crunchyroll are suitable apps for reading legal manga content.

Is MangaRock legal?

The site of Manga Rock does not distribute all content with copyright authorization. So, it does not fall under the approved legal manga reader apps list.

Is Shonen Jump safe?

The Shonen Jump app is simple to use, follows legal restrictions for manga distribution correctly, and is relatively safe.

What is the best manga app for android?

Manga Plus is the best app with diverse UI and content-based benefits for Android.

Is Shonen Jump free?

Users can read some of the chapters of titles on Shonen Jump for free. For extra features and full content, one must pay for a subscription plan.

Is there a Shonen Jump app?

Yes, there are both iOS and Android mobile app versions of Shonen Jump.

Does the Crunchyroll app read manga?

Yes, there are manga titles available for Crunchyroll app users to read.

 Is Manga Plus free?

Yes, Manga Plus is a free app to use.

Are Manga Apps legal?

Many manga apps are not legally authorized to distribute their content in specific regions or do not have distribution authorization. However, they are not all illegal. You should check the T&C details and other details for confirmation.

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