The Importance of Having a Good Study Space in Your Dorm Room

Published:Nov 17, 202309:33
The Importance of Having a Good Study Space in Your Dorm Room
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It’s such a mess... I cannot concentrate, but I still have to write my essay reviews, even though it’s uncomfortable... Yes, uncomfortableness in a room that can use more coziness and freshness might kill your motivation to study. Nevertheless, the importance of a nice study space does not end here. Let us explain what a tidy and convenient study space can do for you! 

1. Cleanliness of Your Table for the Clarity of Your Mind 

First and foremost, your study space must be clean. So, do not hesitate to win extra time by getting an affordable paper written for you by best finance essay writing company to ensure there is less mess on your table. If there is an old coffee stain, it is high time to make it vanish. If you have not wiped your study surface for more than three days, take a wet duster to eliminate dust. Also, get all those pencil boxes, notebooks, and other tools and put them in an organizer or a drawer. Before getting to a gripping narrative in essays you must submit, ensure there is only your laptop on the desk. 

As a result, the minimalism and freshness of your study space will let you concentrate on your tasks in comfort. Of course, that means cleaning it at least once in three days. Let your cleaning days be Tuesday and Saturday, or choose another schedule. That way, you will get to work on Monday having a clean desk for the clarity of your mind. 

2. Organized Elements for Organized Studying 

We have already mentioned getting an organizer to facilitate making your study space better. Nevertheless, do not forget about organizing your digital tools in parallel with physical ones! It is wise to create folders on your PC with all materials you need. Enumerate them and write clear designations to know what to click in seconds. 

Of course, your physical study tools must also be in a logical order. Let one drawer be your place for the notebook stacks, another for pens, and another for anything else you need. You can do the same things using a bookshelf, cabinets, etc. 

3. Silence for Serene Work with Fewer Distractions 

If there is noise, our brain will react to it even if we do not pay attention. Moreover, your brain will activate different memory mechanisms that will make your mind absorb information that does not help now. For instance, you can hear some YouTube streamer joking while playing the Sims or raging playing Dark Souls — whatever you like to watch. You remain seemingly focused on complex terms and theories, but those screams and laughter still distract you, even if you lock your eyes on the text. 

It is still okay to allow a bit of background noise when you study. The wisest option is calm music with no lyrics. Do not turn up songs you love — your brain will give you adrenalin and urges to sing, dance, or fantasize. Do not turn up metal, rock, rap, phonk, and other aggressive pieces — they distract. Some nice options are: 

  • Lo-fi
  • Jazz (no lyrics!)
  • Classics (but not epic things like Lacrimosa)
  • Lounge
  • Ambiance music
  • Some fantasy and Celtic tracks. 

4. Social Media Notifications Off for More Focus 

Verbal overdoses aside, turn those notifications off. You will scroll #Insta pics after finishing your task. Your Twitter wars will wait. Note that this factor is among the most solid reasons for procrastination in studying. 

5. Enough Light and Air for Better Feelings 

Lighting, temperature, and fresh air impact your work greatly. On a sunny day, pull those curtains to let some light in. Open the window to breathe. Also, ensure that the room temperature is adequate. If it is too hot, a fan will help. If there is a strong cold wind, close the window and turn the heater on. Also, you can get a humidifier to improve the air when studying. As a rule, they are very cheap. Moreover, you can buy it with the student who shares the room with you to save. 

Extra Tip: Always Have a Bottle of Water to Hydrate When It Is Time to Learn 

Please never forget the significance of hydration. Even though sedentary studying does not make your body lose energy as a workout does, hydration remains important. Dehydration causes kidney problems, blood pressure issues, headaches, and several other unpleasant effects you never want to have.

Final Words 

Organizing, cleaning, and making your study space comfortable is vital for a positive study experience. We hope your study space is amazing and you get more energy to achieve your goals! That will help you concentrate, minimize distractions, and feel cozy when another studying challenge occurs.

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