The Importance Of Code Quality: Best Practices In Software Engineering

Published:Nov 17, 202320:03
Updated on:Dec 6, 2023
The Importance Of Code Quality: Best Practices In Software Engineering
Software Engineering

Codes are written in computer programming languages to instruct the computers to carry out a certain task. A software developer aims to write code of good quality to improve the efficiency, readability, and functionality of the code. A Software Engineering course will teach you the importance of code quality and the time a coder puts in to ensure the bug-free status of the program that he writes.

A good quality code is one that is easy to understand, easy to test, free of bugs, and meets the client's expectations. A good code improves the end user’s experience and customer retention for a company; hence, paying the utmost importance to code quality is essential.

What Is A Good Quality Program?

Before you master the tricks of writing a good quality program, you must know what factors contribute to a good code. So, a good program is one that has 

High Complexity

The complexity of a computer program is measured by the number of linear and independent steps that run through a program. The fewer linear paths that run through a code, the better.

Program Portability And Reusability

Many, many software developers will work on the same functional code. So, a program that is reusable or has high portability saves a lot of effort while making changes or when new developers work on a pre-existing program.

How To Write A Good Code: Some Simple Tips That Developers Should Follow

There are several code-checking tools that developers use to improve readability and reduce syntax errors in a program. These tools are quite useful, but a good coder keeps the following things in mind every time he sets out to write a new program.

Plan Before You Start Programming

Understanding the exact problem that the code aims to solve helps avoid a lot of headaches later on. For example, if you are creating a class to represent a group of tourist spots, planning the methods and attributes that the class should have helps a lot.

Simplify The Program As Much As Possible

The golden rule for writing a good program is to write a simple one. As a developer, it is your job to recheck the steps time and again and look for redundant or duplicate parts in the code. Apart from removing redundancies, you must also reduce the number of nested loops and conditional statements in a program.

Developers also split long functions into smaller, more focused ones. All the steps mentioned above, removing redundancies, splitting long functions, removing nested loops, etc., are known as refactoring. Refactoring is essential for writing high-quality code, and hence, it is a core component of all software engineering courses.

Follow A Standardized Pattern When Writing The Program

A standard format, style, and structure must be adopted when writing code. Following a standard structure helps other developers understand the code better. It also makes it easier to make corrections to improve the functionality and remove bugs in a code. Also, if a group of developers are working as a team, following a standard pattern is a must to avoid wastage of time.

Another simple way to foster better teamwork in a group of developers is by using descriptive terms while writing the code. Use comments wisely to explain why a certain part of the code is the way it is. The machines do not read the non-functional comments; they are for reviewers, other code developers, and team members. A comment explains the purpose for which a particular code block has been written so that others do not have to guess what the function of the particular code block is.   

Run Automated Tests

Testing a code to find glitches and correct them when necessary is a standard coding practice. However, running automated tests is better than running manual ones, as manual testing takes a lot of time. Automated tests keep the functionality intact and help improve the efficiency of the program. 

However, following a formal process of manual testing has its own importance. A programmer, due to his human nature, may not be able to find his errors, but a number of fresh eyes among peers can point out security lapses and flaws in a code that sometimes even the automated tests fail to notice.

Use Version Control For Programming

Version control keeps track of all the changes that happen to the code. Keeping track of all the incremental changes is great for reverting back to the original code in case glitches arise in the course of developing a program.

Use Linters

Linter helps check for errors in syntax and style variations. Linter helps check for errors in syntax and style variations. Tools like Lint can analyze static codes effectively, and flag program errors, stylistic errors, undeclared variables, suspicious constructs, etc. However, as a good developer, you should know that Lint-like tools are best used for dynamically typed languages like Java and Python.

Collaborate With Other Developers

Software engineering is an emerging field, and new advances keep developing time and again. Irrespective of how many courses you take, there will always be new things that you could learn to improve your skills as a coder. So, collaborate and network with other developers in the field so that you can remain updated with the latest trends in your profession.


Writing good quality code saves a lot of money as the need for repeated corrections and the time wasted on refactoring are reduced to a great extent. Most courses in software engineering teach about the importance of writing simple codes that have fewer redundancies and duplications. 

So the next time you set out to write a program plan well in advance, use descriptive terms, proper and consistent syntaxes, and structures. You should also run tests from time to time to check for functionality and remove bugs as soon as they appear. And do not forget to add non-functional comments so that your peers and other programmers can easily understand a code block. 

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