1. Open a web browser. 

This should be a browser in which you have AdBlock or Adblock Plus installed.

2. Go to your browser’s “Extensions” page.

  • Chrome – Click , select More tools, and click Extensions.
  • Firefox – Click , then click Add-ons.
  • Edge – Click , then click Extensions.
  • Safari – Click Safari, click Preferences…, and click the Extensions tab
  • Opera – Click the Opera symbol in the top left hand corner, and select Settings.

3. Find the AdBlock or Adblock Plus option. 

In the list of extensions, find the name of the ad-blocker that you want to disable.

  • In Microsoft Edge, click AdBlock or Adblock Plus here.

4. Disable AdBlock or Adblock Plus. 

  • To do so:
    • Chrome – Uncheck the “Enabled” checkbox to the right of AdBlock or Adblock Plus.
    • Firefox – Click Disable to the right of the ad-blocker.
    • Edge – Click the blue “On” switch in the ad-blocker’s menu.
    • Safari – Uncheck the “AdBlock” or “Adblock Plus” box on the left side of the page.
    • Opera – Uncheck the Block ads option in the middle of the page.

Close and re-open your browser.

This will confirm your changes and apply them to your browser. Your selected ad-blocker will be disabled until you decide to re-activate