Slot Machine Pay Tables: Guide, Examples, and How to Read Them

Published:Nov 17, 202312:34
Slot Machine Pay Tables: Guide, Examples, and How to Read Them
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Once upon a time, slot machine instructions were written directly above the reels. Now, however, things are so advanced that you need multiple screens of information to comprehend what's going on and the online access makes League of legends bets much easier.

The pay table contains a listing of all required explainers. It is a helpful guide that explains how much you can win and any special features, paylines, wagering requirements, and jackpots.

Where to Find the Slot Machine Pay Table

The button to display the pay table on most slot machines is typically located near the spin button and the size of your wager. This button could be a "?" or a "hamburger" (the universal three horizontal lines).

By pressing this button, you can pause the game and view the pay table sequence before or between spins which is also applicable in League of legends betting.

There are numerous types of pay tables. They are simple to read and frequently include images to aid in obtaining the most pertinent information quickly. Some video slot machines have interactive pay tables with multiple pages, so don't be afraid to click the on-screen buttons to learn more.

Slot Machine Pay Table Example

The contents of a pay table vary depending on the slot machine. It has a great deal to do with the complexity of a slot machine. The more features a product has, the more it must be explained. Here are the most crucial factors to consider:


You must know the number of paylines and how they appear on the reels. Your pay table will illustrate how each of the paylines on the reels functions.

If the slot machine does not have paylines but instead has ways to win where identical symbols must appear anywhere on consecutive reels, an example of how this works should be provided. This feature, which can provide up to 117,649 ways to win in Megaways slots, will be explained.

Symbols and values

Symbols are what allow slot machines to function. These were typically depictions of fruit, the Liberty Bell, bars, or lucky sevens. You can still find them in classic-style slot games, but modern slot machines have an infinite number of symbols.

Numerous have motifs, such as Ancient Egyptian or Greek figures, and many have card numbers from nine to ace. The pay table will illustrate each symbol before listing the payouts for three, four, and five.

The pay table will also highlight any unique symbols. This could be the "Wild" symbol, along with an explanation of how it operates. Determine the meaning of the Scatter and Bonus symbols. The slot machine's bonus feature will typically activate if you receive three or more of these.

Bet sizing

The minimum and maximum amounts that can be wagered will be displayed. And it will be apparent if you need to wager a certain amount to unlock additional paylines or features.

Features and bonus rounds

As technology advances, bonus rounds on slot machines become increasingly exciting. Typically, they have "free spins around." Possibly pick-your-own-mystery game. A sequence of random win multipliers could be used to add a new dimension.


The pay table will explain how to win the grand prize if a slot machine has a jackpot or a progressive jackpot in events like lol bets.


Most slot machines display the expected Return to Player (RTP) percentage in the pay table. Seeing the percentage helps you determine whether this machine is more suited for people who want to play for fun or those who enjoy gambling and are willing to wait longer to win larger prizes.

The pay table of your slot machine will elaborate on all of these features. Companies like NetEnt and IGT are experts at ensuring you have all the necessary information.

Discover Slot Machine Pay Tables

Each slot machine has its payout schedule, just as each device is unique. There will be variations in style from one slot developer to the next. The best way to learn more about them and read a slot machine's pay table is to open several devices and examine them.

When you sign up for a Casino and make your initial deposit (don't forget to take advantage of the welcome bonus), you can view the pay tables for the many slot games and gain more information about them. 

You will soon be confident in understanding each slot machine's operation and can play with assurance. Best wishes!

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