Quick Ways to Extend the Life of your Inverter Battery

Published:Nov 17, 202309:32
Quick Ways to Extend the Life of your Inverter Battery

Power cuts can actually be irritating during a meeting or even a project or when you return home after a long day. During such power cuts, inverters can be absolutely helpful as they keep supplying electric current to both your electrical as well as electronic devices so that you can go on doing your work without any interruption. 

You know the backbone or base of any inverter is the inverter battery. It is what makes it work for longer time and ensure that the inverter does not give up when you need it the most. But the unfortunate part is that not many people pay attention to the maintenance of battery.

Always ensure that rust is away from your battery

keep the battery terminals rust as well as corrosion-free. Rusting denigrates the performance of a battery by diminishing its current flow. Ultimately, it diminishes the life of a battery that impacts your inverter’s backup. To avert the battery from getting rusted, you should pour a solution of hot water along with baking soda on the terminals and then apply petroleum jelly on them to avoid any sort of future corrosion.

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Make use of energy-saving appliances and equipment

To reduce any sort of power consumption, using energy-saving devices as well as appliances might be a great idea. Make sure that you go for LED bulbs or similar ones. of course, the most you are considerate about it, the better you can make out of it. quality is one thing that you should not compromise with, or you would experience problems.

Check water level often

It is always wise if in every two to three months, you do check the water level of the inverter’s battery. Make sure that you keep its water level between the minimum as well as maximum water limits. It would be nice if you top up the battery with refined water. It would be important that you don’t use tap water because it contains minerals as well as contamination that impact the performance of the battery.

Battery change is a must

It would be important that you change the battery of an inverter when it is essential or necessary. Over time, batteries lose their overall capacity that diminishes their backup also. You can talk to the professionals, and they would tell you about the options that are must for you. remember that here lithium type of batteries can be a perfect option. the point is these batteries are efficient and stay in the best shape for longer times.

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To sum up, these are a few of the many points that you should know to help you to maintain the battery of your inverter and enhance its overall life. In case you are hunting for a good battery and even solar panel options; check out Loom Solar. They are the government certified, manufacturers of lithium type of batteries and solar systems. Once you talk to them, you would know what exactly is going to work wonderfully and effectively for you.

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