How to Make-Up in Natural Look – Every Girl Should Know

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How to Make Up in Natural Look – Every Girl Should Know : In modern era this is craze to wear up a natural makeup and more subtle look, it is quite pretty. Today, Girls like to see in natural look with easy natural make up, there are many benefits of natural makeup like as it is full of plant based pigments and also nourish skin with Vitamins and antioxidants. Simple and normal beauty is also more effective to see yourselves as the prettiest look. Beauty depend on your inner heart, and if you pretty yourself in inner heart then it appears in outer also.

So girls if you are also excited with natural beauty world then here is your welcome because in this article we will inform you about the Crazy Natural Make Tips to see you in Natural Look.

Apply Natural Make up On Face

  1. Initial stage of your face make you want to should apply facial make. If you are complex how it will be possible then it is so simple. Here are the easy tips that you can follow to finish facial make up-
  2. Wash your face with light way and remove any micro dirt and early make up from your face.
  3. You can also use cotton ball or rub to deep cleanse face.
  4. Choose a unscented oil free lotion to moisture your skin.
  5. Then you can use concealer to hide any blemishes around your eyes.
  6. Be care, do not use over concealer it is just for a natural look.
  7. If your skin is oily skin then you can use powder to remove extra oil parts from your face.
  8. Apply Bronzer to make up their eyes and add bronzer or blush.
  9. Now your facial make up is ready, if your not satisfied with bronzer then you can blush. So girls to do so your facial make up is ready.

Beautify Eyes With Natural Make up

  1. To apply eyes on your facial make up use brown, black or gray kohl pencil but some women avoids these because they prefer mascara.
  2. But according to preference and specialists option you should go with with a roasted-colored gel liner.
  3. Use a white eyeliner to make your eyes look larger.
  4. For a natural look tone your lid and just use slightly darker it.
  5. With these steps you can finish your eyecare up with your favorite mascara.

Apply Make up to Your Lips

  • To start lips care you should to go with natural sheer nude lip color. Because it will be long forever and also gives a natural lip color.
  • You can dab a tiny shimmering blush on your lips center.
  • Now your face is ready with a natural glow, Enjoy your dewy, fresh, radiant look.


I’m 14 year old and my skin is dark, What Kind of make up should I wear ?

First you are already beautiful, and your dark skin also will see in glow, you can just use with light colors and natural make up for your skin.

I’m black girl, which lipstick I can be use ?

According to preference you can use light colors like as Red, Pink, Light Grey and Deep Brown and light orange.

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