How to Make the Switch to an IT Career

Published:Nov 17, 202310:42
How to Make the Switch to an IT Career
How to Make the Switch to an IT Career

With the world's ever-increasing reliance on computers and technology, many people realize that it’s a good industry to be involved in. Job security is extremely high, the job market is full of exciting opportunities, and the world of IT and technology is so varied that you have a range of options to choose from. They also offer higher-paid roles than your average job, which is often the big motivator behind switching careers. However, pivoting from a completely unrelated career into something like IT can be daunting, especially if you haven’t had much experience with technology. That’s where we come in; we’re here to give you some helpful tips for getting into IT and leaving your old career behind.

Choose Your Field

The first thing you need to do when pivoting into the tech industry is to choose your field. There are so many different IT jobs to choose from that you’ll be spoilt for choice. It all comes down to what you think you’ll enjoy the most. If you’re a problem solver, you’ll enjoy the fast-paced world of IT support, and if you’re more of a creative type, you’ll enjoy designing the latest online games. Whether you’re in the UK, the US, or New Zealand, there are plenty of jobs in game design available, and new casino games are being created all the time. These online casino sites love to keep their game libraries full of new games, and it’s the mark of a good casino if they regularly bring in new games to play. It's easy to open an online gambling account. We advise you to read professional guides and reviews of each operator, then choose one that offers the finest service for your needs, and take advantage of their welcome promotions, which often include no deposit bonuses, free spins, and other incentives, and start playing your preferred games. Exciting job roles like this are commonplace in the tech industry, as more companies use tech in their day-to-day roles. This means that your options aren’t limited to IT companies, and you can find an IT role that makes the most of your creativity.

Start Learning

Once you’ve picked your chosen field, you need to start learning. Get your hands on every piece of learning material you can get your hands on and start consuming it. There are dozens of fantastic guides on every type of tech job you can imagine, with many of them free to watch on YouTube, so there’s no excuse for not learning everything you can. The great thing about the tech industry is that you don’t need to spend 3+ years getting a degree before getting a job; as long as you demonstrate that you have the knowledge, you can find employment. The best way to demonstrate knowledge is to get an industry-specific qualification, with certifications from big names like Cisco and Microsoft in high demand from employers. Most of the major software/hardware providers offer courses and exams to potential workers, and you can book these exams online yourself. Getting these qualifications not only shows that you know your stuff but that you’re proactive and determined - both great traits that employers look for.

Update Your CV

If you’re looking to pivot into IT from another career, it’s likely that you won’t have much relevant experience in the industry that you can put down, so you need to get creative. Too many people use their CVs as a generic list of their job roles and qualifications, whereas in reality, it’s the first chance you have to sell yourself to a potential employer. If you’re applying for a customer-facing IT role, such as IT support and have experience with customer service roles, make sure to highlight the service skills that you learned during your time at that job. Focus on the soft skills that you can bring to a role, as these are often the most important ones that interviewers look for. Anyone can be taught tech knowledge, but only a certain number of people can deal with customers regularly or work accurately in a high-stress environment. 

Moving into an IT career isn’t as complicated as people think; it just requires a lot of effort and legwork to get your first role. If you can learn the required knowledge and shape your existing experience to be relevant to your potential job, you should find one eventually. Once you’ve got your foot in the door, you’ll never look back.

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