How to Determine What Kind of Music Your Party Guests Will Enjoy

Published:Nov 16, 202319:15
How to Determine What Kind of Music Your Party Guests Will Enjoy

You want your guests to be entertained and engaged at your party, and one of the best ways to pull them in is the music. How do you know what to put on your playlist?

They may be in the mood for Michael Francis Sinatra’s nostalgic tribute to the greats or want a DJ who takes requests and pumps out top pop hits all night long. Here are the ways to determine what type of music is right for your crowd.

Who’s coming to the soiree?

It’s your party, so you will know intimately who your guests are.

Are they an older set who wants something light to enjoy in the background as they catch up with friends?

Is it a younger crowd eager to dance and have a high-energy time?

Picture your event filled with the crowd and envision how you see them enjoying themselves the most.

What’s the venue like?

Oftentimes the venue alone will dictate what type of music you want to play.

If you’re hosting a baby shower at a church hall you’ll want to keep things more subdued. If you’re having a charity event in a local park you’ll want music that’s loud and engaging to keep people sticking around.

Always check with a venue coordinator as to what’s available in terms of technical hookups as well. You want to make sure there are appropriate places to plug in DJ equipment or lights if the musical act calls for that.

Do a sound check to be sure whatever type of music you’re playing will carry well. Some venues have fantastic acoustics, while others are not an ideal spot to blare music from speakers and could benefit from a small group of musicians playing at a lower level.

Is there a theme?

Some events benefit from being themed, from a 1950s sock hop to a country hoedown.

If your event has a specific theme, curate a playlist that speaks to that and only that, as it will keep your guests immersed in the world you are creating through your party.

Research the culture surrounding your theme to find what songs are best to play and if you can invite any sort of live entertainment to compliment the theme.

What’s your budget?

There is a huge difference in hiring a DJ for the night and paying a string quartet to entertain a crowd.

Once your entertainment budget is in place, research what type of musical act fits within it.

Did you run it by a guest?

Sometimes the best way to know if you’re on the right track is to ask someone directly.

If you have a close friend or family member who’s going to be in attendance at your party, ask them what they prefer. Run by them any ideas and options you have and take into account their opinion.

They don’t speak for everyone, but they are a good indicator of whether or not you’re making the right decision.

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