How to convert pdf to jpg-the problem and solution explained!

Published:Nov 17, 202309:28
How to convert pdf to jpg-the problem and solution explained!

People across the globe use files and documents to store data digitally. Files and folders are considered storage units in computers and laptops. It is always preferred to share files in the form of pdf, but you need to know how to convert pdf to jpg.  Pdf is known as a portable document format. The usage of pdfs is recommended to avoid the discrepancies that may occur in the formatting of the content when information is shared in a document format.

Advantages of a pdf

Pdfs play a major role in retrieving the information. A file in any format, say for example a Doc, Docx, jpg, etc. can be converted into a pdf. Pdfs are easily portable. They are compatible with all devices and they are also easy-to-compress files. They are indeed a big boon for storing and transferring data.

Why Pdf to jpg?

There exist some situations in which the customers don't prefer using the pdfs for every text and every image. They wish to experience the real quality of the image and want to revive the originality of a picture.

Some scanners scan the documents in a PDF format but if the user has scanned an image or any data that needs to be published as an image on a website, and then he is in the need to convert a pdf to jpg. In some scenarios, a candidate may have some content as a pdf file but may wish to include it as an image in a PowerPoint presentation. There can also be real-life situations where the user may be in a condition to share a particular portion of a document through a service that does not support a pdf format. 

In all the above-given cases, a pdf to jpg conversion technique is extremely useful. This technique explains everything about how to convert pdf to jpg, thus enabling those users to experience what they wish to. 

There are some websites available online doing this work for free. Some apps and software programs are also available for this purpose. All these programs use the basic programming logic of “how to convert pdf to jpg” behind it as the working principle.

Both jpg and jpeg stand for the same abbreviation. They represent the group of words, Joint Photographic Experts Group which represents the sub-committee of the ISO which created it. The truth is there is no major difference between the two terms jpg and jpeg. The first JPEG standard was issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in the year 1992. The term jpg came into existence because the older versions of the Windows operating system (MS-DOS 88.3 and FAT-16 to be specific) demanded a maximum three-letter limit to ascertain the file names.

Both jpg and jpeg are non-vector images. Non-vector images are also known as raster images. The non-vector images are measured in dots per inch (dpi) and they are displayed at one specific resolution. Both of these standards are used for the same image types. Both standards tend to lose some quality if the images are compressed.


Images designed or photographs captured can be sometimes of very bigger sizes. JPG is very successful in compressing the images as it uses the technique of lossy compression to produce smaller images. Images of bigger sizes can be extremely problematic when it comes to transferring data. The uploading time and downloading time of those images can be huge. JPG is the solution for such a difficult situation. Its lossy compression technique can effectively minimize the size of the images, thus resulting in images that take very little time in terms of sharing data. 

How to convert pdf to jpg- the procedure explained

The endless list of advantages of a jpg standard attracts the customers to convert their images in a different format to jpg. Most customers wish to convert their files from pdf to jpg. A pdf to jpg conversion methodology is widely used and hence, the procedure involved in how to convert a pdf to jpg is explained in this article.

There are many ways to do this. Online websites are available for free for customers to use to fulfill their needs. There is some pre-designed application software existing for this purpose. Online websites are extremely helpful as they are both time-saving and cost-effective. Most online website offering this opportunity involves a very basic three-step process. The first step is to upload the required files in pdf format. 

The second step is to hit the button for conversion. The last step is to download the converted jpg files. Some websites have an intermediate step in which the users can customize the details and specifications of the jpg files according to their wishes.

Adobe Acrobat also offers this technique. The pdf files are first opened in an Adobe Acrobat Reader followed by using the export pdf tool which is present in the right pane. The next step is to choose the Image option in the dropdown list as the desired export format. Then, JPG is chosen as its specification. 

The next step is to click the export button. The SAVE AS dialog box gets displayed and after selecting the desired location of where the jpg file has to be saved, the save button is used to save the jpg file on the computer.

This is one simple procedure to convert pdf to jpg. The conversion can take place in an offline app like Power PDF. All you have to do is open the power pdf app as the first step. Then, open the pdf files that you wish to convert to a jpg and use the save as option to open the save as dialog box. 

Select the location of the destination folder for the converted file. Select the jpg option from the drop-down list and hit the ok button. This saves your document in the required location.


The lossy comp method makes a huge blow to the image quality. As the size of the images gets smaller, the quality of the images gets worse. Despite having some limitations, a pdf to jpg converter is useful for techies across the globe.

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