How to Choose (Wear) A Perfect Bikini Confidently

A Perfect Bikini Confidently
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How to Choose (Wear) A Perfect Bikini Confidently : Today era Bikini is a craze and it should be because hot girls and perfect bikini is a combination that emerges during right swimsuit, on the marvelous time at the beach and pool party. Every teen has a curious with to wear a bikini in her lifetime but how, problem occurs when they are not addict to wear it, however they have perfect bikini body style but to wear it confidently and looking in perfect way is a different things. So girls, if you are also facing these circumstances then don’t worry about it, because here in this article we will know 07 Amazing Way to Wear Perfect Bikini, Different Types of Bikini and How to Use Bikini in Menstrual Cycle that will help you to grow your confidence to wear it forever.

Why Bikini is Used ?

The psychology to wear a bikini may be different in people, but primary motive to wear this adjustable outfit only to feel comfortable, means bikinis are usually used for a reliable and comfortable to wear. Bikinis allow a fully freedom movement, swimming, surfing and playing beach with perfect combination. This allow you a comfortable feel besides it also provides you a sexy look that is modern view to wearing bikini. Today era this is a fashion that also provide a attraction look in your fans.

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Different Type of Bikini of Body Types

To wear bikini is a confidence but it will decrease and demotivated when we ignore our body style so it is necessary to choose a perfect body style bikini wear for your perfect body shape. So friends here are different types of bikini body types for your body shapes like as-

  1. Inverted Triangle– This is popular body shape bikini that mostly popular by all teens. Usually this type of bikinis uses during swimsuits with a tight transparent look. Inverted triangle bikini style cover your bust and hips perfectly with a perfect swimwear style.
  2. Triangle– For top and bottom use it is necessary that you use triangle bikini wear. This type of bikini provide you a glimmer look with your attractive body shape. Commonly if you have a athlete type body style then it is perfect look that you can use.
  3. Hourglass– Bikinis for hourglass figures may be fully swing and possibly slipping into tow piece. If your bust and hips are proportioned fit and tend to have a smaller mid section then hourglass is perfect look that will help you for your high waist bikinis.
  4. Pear– Transparent tight swimsuits and sexy body style enrich your body style more attractive and fashionable. This is perfect tend to grow your confidence to wearing a bikini for all time.
  5. Apple– Apple look bikini style help you more attractive and fashionable. With a zero figure style extend your glorious view forever.
  6. Cone Strawberry– If you want to do some playing activities then cone strawberry is perfect look that will help you to show you as totally different look.

How to Wear Bikini Bottom


To wearing bottom bikini is not to complex but if you don’t know how it will use then it may be slightly wrong for you. So try to choose best bikini look with your best body shapes. You can follow these easy steps to wear a bikini bottom-

  • First you should sit along your hips.
  • Now you can cross over your each hip bone below your belly button.
  • You should consider that it will cover full or partial cheek.
  • For a glance look your bikini bottoms should not sag or droop.
  • If they feel loose then you can choose a small size and you can choose medium size in too much tight condition.
  • Besides it they also shouldn’t cut in to your skin.

How to Wear Bikini Top

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To wear bikini top depends on their types, here is type of top bikini that you can easily wear in some amazing methods-

  1. Criss-Cross- Tie the bottom string around your back like normal, then cross string around your neck for perfection.
  2. Off the Shoulder- This little fancy top bikini put the bottom string aruond your back like normal, but both top strings wear same place on off shoulder.
  3. Offspring T back- Tie top string your back like normal but bottom string should be cover your back and then bottom string should into a single knot.
  4. Casual V back- This type should be grab on one top right shoulder and other on left shoulder.
  5. Strapless- In strapless top bikini you should grab string to cover up your chest.
  6. Choker- The string cover up round on your neck and then grab it with bottom.

3 Smart Ways to Wear Bikini in Periods

Menstrual cycle is a normal biological cycle that can not effect your entertainment and zeal during pool party on beach. Yes it is very simple and you can enjoy your bikini swimsuit party during MC cycle. For protection you can use some amazing women protection tampons, menstrual cups, period underwear, or pads that will help you to protect your MC.

Perfect Bikini with A Smart Way to Wear

Perfect bikini may be a smart choice if you really know to use it. Bikinis are today fashion trend and you can easily enjoy this valuable moment with amazing way to wear this outfit. So be smart with your ecstasy fashion trend and feel a open cheers with your perfect choice of wearing.


How to use bikini in Periods time ?

You can use some menstrual cycle protection tampons, menstrual cups, period underwear, or pads during MC.

How to wear bikini bottoms without hair showing ?

You can use some amazing wax that will clean up your private parts hair removal in just 2 or 3 minutes.

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